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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

San Francisco Pathfinder - back on Wednesdays tomorrow!

Local Play

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

HI all,

After taking a break for Halloween and the Giant's winning the World Series SF Geek Games nights return tomorrow evening in San Francisco with two tables of Pathfinder Society scheduled.

On table one we have The Silent Tide - the first PFS scenario from Season 0 this is a classic Tier 1-5 scenario.

And on table two we have the excellent season 3 scenario Sewer Dragons of Absalom a tier 3-7 scenario.

That is - if at least one more DM volunteers to run one of these two tables - and if more people sign up to play - currently we have open slots for both tables.

Please sign up on Warhorn as well as via Eventbrite at Yetizen for our host's building security.

Games will muster at 6pm and we aim to have tables starting by 6:30pm and ending by 10:30pm or a bit later.

We return to Wednesdays starting this week through the end of the year - please join us tomorrow or on a future Wednesday evening for PFS (and other games) in San Francisco.

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