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DevaCon - Chester UK - Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Dec 2012

Local Play

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent aka Paz

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Sign up on Warhorn
Paizo PFS Event

After running many successful Pathfinder Society sessions over the past year at our weekly gaming nights, Chester Games Club are running a gaming event in early December within easy reach of North Wales, Cheshire, Wirral, Liverpool, and Manchester. We're joining forces with the local wargames club, Deeside Defenders, and using the same venue used for their successful Gauntlet wargame events.

This small-scale event (4 slots, 4 tables of PFS in each slot) will hopefully lead to larger future events (with more notice!) in 2013, to make sure there's a regular event for NW England and N Wales. So please sign up to this event if you can, to make sure we've got the momentum to organise more next year.

If there are any questions or comments, please post below or contact the co-ordinator.

A variety of old and new PFS scenarios; see the schedule on Warhorn for full details. Note that there is some scope to alter the scenario list if there's demand.
Also other RPGs (e.g. Call of Cthulhu), Magic: The Gathering tournament, board games and war games.

Airbus Dining Hall above the Wings Social Club, Airbus UK, Chester Road, Broughton, Chester CH4 0DR (map here)

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December 2012. 4 slots for RPGs: 9am and 2pm on each day.

How much
£1 per session played (TBC; highly unlikely to be more than £3 per day)

Sign up on Warhorn
Paizo PFS Event

Grand Lodge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I would love to attend a session or two of this, but have never played PFS organised play before. Is that a problem please?

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent aka Paz

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It's not a problem at all. Pregenerated PCs and PFS numbers will be provided at all sessions for players new to PFS. Many of the scenarios on offer are suitable for 1st level PCs; the level range of each scenario is at the end of the name on the signup pages for Saturday and Sunday.

You could get a head start and generate yourself a PFS number by joining the Pathfinder Society, then download a copy of the Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

Grand Lodge

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Brilliant! Thanks for your help. Have generated a PFS number and downloaded the docs to read. Have registered for Devacon and signed up for a game.

Pass-out also obtained from my wife:)

Liberty's Edge *****

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If PAZ is running it then I know this will an awesome events. [I wish I wasn't 200 miles away.] If it's anywhere near you, don't miss it!

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent aka Paz

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Thanks Rob!

I can't update the original post, but I just wanted to make people aware that pricing to attend the event has been confirmed as just £2 for one day, £3 for the whole event. This includes entry to RPGs and board games, but attendees are strongly advised to sign up before coming along to ensure they get a space in the games.

Still plenty of space available in the Pathfinder Society games, so sign up now!

For anyone interested in Magic the Gathering, details of the tournaments are as follows:
Return to Ravnica Booster draft - Sat 1 Dec 14:00-18:30 (slot 2). Entry to the draft is £8.50; players get to keep all cards they draft.
Vintage pauper constructed - Sun 2 Dec 09:00-13:30 (slot 3). Entry to the tournament is £1 to cover prizes.
Full details are available by following the links.


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I will see if I can get to this. It would be great to play tabletop for a change as I usualy play on a vt

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent aka Paz

Final reminder about this event!

We've still got plenty of spaces in the PFS games, although I believe there are likely to be quite a few people who are just going to pitch up on the day wanting to play an RPG.

Liberty's Edge **** Venture-Agent aka Paz

For anyone visiting the venue for the first time, there are detailed directions from the car park to the gaming hall HERE.

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