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Session that isnt mine

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

Just realized I have a session under my profile for a character that isn't mine for an event I never attentened. What steps do i need to take to help get it fixed.

Edit: The character is showing to have my PFS number but at this time I havent been able to even start in society play.

Grand Lodge **** Regional Venture-Coordinator, South aka Thorkull

There should be a link to report the session as an error. If not, contact your local Venture-Captain.

The Exchange ****

it should say the name of the GM who ran it, Email/PM them. Most likely they typo'd the number when they reported the event for someone with a similar number to yours.

Someone out there is feeling sad about their unreported event! lol

Paizo Employee ***

Same thing happened to me when I first registered the number given to me at a con - my event showed up along with 2 from a prior con which I never attended. Apparently someone had given the same numbers out at 2 different events. Jonathan's advice should work, if not Mike Brock can fix it (he corrected mine after months of no results from other avenues).

Should I contact my venture captain or the one where the event happened?


Talonhawke wrote:
Should I contact my venture captain or the one where the event happened?

I'd start out with the VC that ran the event since this issue probably involves another player that was there whose session will need to be added. If you can't get it resolved that way, then of course contact your VC.

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