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In a home game I'm playing in I will be a Martial Artist Monk The character's stats are as follows. Rolled stats with the 4d6 drop lowest. The DM has made the races with the advanced race guide. I have nine race points to use and have chosen.

Moon Touched DR 5/ Silver Race Points (3)
Scent Race Points (4)
Natural Armor +1 Race Points (2)

Str 22 +6
Dex 18 +6
Con 16 +3
Int 17 +3
Wis 17 +3
Cha 10 +0


Fortitude +5 (Base 2, Con +3)
Reflex +6 (Base 2, Dex +4)
Will +8 ( Base 2, Wis +4, Duel minded +2)

CMB +6 (BAB +0, Str +6)
CMD 24 (Base 10, Str +6, Dex +4, Wisdom +4, BAB +0)

1st Fast Learner
Monk-1 Combat reflexes

I'm just taking suggestions as to what feats to grab and should I change the nine race guide points I used. Martial Artists are able to count as fighters for purposes of feats. Weapon Specialization and greater weapon focus are all good feats that I will most likely take.

The only thing I know about the campaign is that it is similar to the Sword Art Online. There are two character the online character which is shown up there and another base line human that we'll be using though out the supposed 'offline' play.

Are there any suggestions that I should take for feats, race guide abilities, and traits? Thank you for everyone's time.

Wis 17 +3
Will +8 ( Base 2, Wis +4, Duel minded +2)


Welp, I did make a mistake than you for noticing Mrofmist. It should say the Wisdom is a 19 (+4) instead of seventeen with a plus three.


You should be a base speed 20 plant person =P

Well that would most likely be taken offense by the GM, I bugged him about a 'dog people' race since he got the Kitsune(and says they're cats even though Vulpine are canines). So he build a race based on the human he had already made for this game. The additions were at will beast shape 1 and duel minded. While normally the races have 15 points to play around with I only had 9. This is the 'Werewolf' race of the game, I think we've decided I'm permanently stuck in hybrid form unless I use beast shape I(at will) to be in a wolf form.

The things we can change with the race points are limited to racial abilities, not our types or subtypes. Mostly everything else is fair game as long as we ask the GM, somethings might be on an item by item basis.

As far are feats are concerned, Power Attack, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Step Up, any other fighter only feats are high on my priority list.

With those stats build hardly matters!

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