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How to balance a Warforge Artificer?


Hello there,

I have this player in my group of heroes who asked me to play a Warforge Artificer in this AP.

My party have just finished the second book, and will start the Broken moon this sunday.

In my party, I have a priest of Desna, a Paladin of Sarenrae (undead scourge), a ranger and a wizard. The wizard spent a lot of feats for being able to create most magical items the party could need.

I must take the responsabilities about the warforge Artificer. I just wanted to please my player, and knew nothing about the artificer and warforge class before hand.
After reading all his immunity and DR, and the possibility of casting wizard and priest spelles ... I decided to give him one level less than the others players. *

At this time, I made another arrangement. I told the warforge player that he could *dispell magical items to use the primal material to create things*. After reading the Artificer class last night, I felt bad.

Now I have the feeling that Artificer and Warforge are really too much, but maybe I am wrong. And I espcially feel that my wizard player is all screwed.

So now, if you have some advices for me to make it more balance ...

Is this 3.5 Eberron Warforged Artificer or are they taken from some sort of Pathfinder 3rd party product? This can change a lot.

It is 3.5 Eberron Warforger Artificer.

I am going to post this on the Advice forum.
Is it possible to delete this post?

Thank you :)

I noticed :)

Flag it as "wrong forum".

Deletion (and edition) of posts manually is possible only within 1 hour limit since their creation.

Dark Archive

I would tell the player you made a mistake and changed your mind.

How is the Carrion Crown Boards not the appropriate place for this thread?

I don't think you should let the player create a character that pretty much completely outshines another player's chosen niche. Since the wizard has focused on crafting feats, an artificer would steal his niche. So I would ask the player to come up with a different concept.

Just tell him you hadn't read the artificer class beforehand, so you didn't realize how crafting-focused it was.


If you want to be a jerk, just run the campaign as-written and he'll never have time to do any crafting.

But I bet you don't want to be a jerk. So don't do that. :)

I agree with Are: the real problem isn't about the character's power, it's that it's too similar to another existing character. They'll be fighting for the same party role.

And I think this is exactly the best forum to post this, since it's about your particular Carrion Crown campaign.

Well there is a simple solution, Warforge Machinesmith. See the links.

Warforge in Pathfinder

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