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Looking for good level 1 build for a Half-Orc Barbarian



anyone who has a good set-up for a good half-Orc barbarian please post it here so i can get the feel for one.
Thank you,

hooboy. It depends on what you want as dump stats (specifically, if you're okay with dumping intelligence and charisma), but you can get 24 str while raging for basically free (presuming combat stays in one place and you have enough money for booze) if you take the Drunken Brute archetype. Add to that a D12 2-handed weapon like a greataxe or a lucerne hammer, and you're dealing minimum 11 damage per hit while raging, with a +6 to hit at 1st level. +8 to hit if you're raging.

I wish Monkey Grip was still around.

Also, be ready to RP a character who's dumb as a rock. Mine has an issue with doorknobs. As in, he doesn't understand what they're for. As far as he's concerned, if you want to move into the next room, you walk through the door or you introduce it to Crushy.


I don't know what you're wanting out of it, but I find the most enjoyable version of it is the invulnerable rager archetype.

Just put as much as you can into strength, then constitution, then int/wis/cha whatever you want (even dex)

Invulnerable rager will net you half your level in dr/- which is pretty freaking awesome.

For the very first feat I'd go with weapon focus, then at lvl 3 get power attack.

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