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Please sir, can we have some more?


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I am loving this adventure path. The Sandbox style and the kingdom building are really working well. Our group is really enjoying it. (Yes, there are weak spots in the rules and the AP itself, but this forum has really helped my co-GM and I fill in the holes.)

Paizo, can you please do another AP using the same style? We would love it.

Anyone else feel the same?

Can anyone from Paizo comment on the chances of this happening?

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Well, considering Ultimate Campaign is coming out soon, this is possible. The rules would be updated, and a bit streamlined as well.

I too would enjoy more APs like this.

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Yes please - but next time, someone else can DM it! :)


I'll bet that it will happen eventually, considering that Kingmaker is pretty much the 2nd most popular AP they've ever produced.

Paizo will want to make sure they're not competing with themselves, though; that is, they'll need to make sure that a new sandbox campaign is different enough that people don't just buy it instead of buying Kingmaker, or vice versa.

They could try to do a sandbox that doesn't involve nation-building, but that might not be close enough to give the Kingmaker fans what they want. Skull and Shackles is pretty sandboxy, actually, but I wouldn't say that it's a real follow-up to Kingmaker.

If I were them, I'd set a new sandbox nation-building campaign on either another planet, or else on an unexplored continent. Some place really far away from the existing civilizations. And I'd emphasize building a colony rather than building a kingdom, with different priorities in achieving success, so that it's different enough to not cut into Kingmaker's appeal.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'd like to see the Kingmaker framework expanded to allow things like underground tunnel settlements and even the stereotypical elven tree city.

Paizo set the rules up in a basic fashion, so you could build a regular fantasy town and kingdom. That's a great start, how about some variety to the mix now?

colony sized, with more rival colonies, in a totally non inhabited region

a bit like Norwold from D&D companion level stuff

and yes, this time id like to play the 60 sessions rather than run them!!

+1 on another sandboxy AP.

I only wish a slightly more serious campaign. Occasional humor is fine, but no kings searching for shamblesap and slug spit, please.

Since they can't just do another Kingmaker, maybe a more urban setting?

+1 to another sandbox as well. BUT....

New options for Hexploration, Level 10 characters doing hex by hex exploration does not make sense.

Also WAY tighter story. I want the sandbox, but I also want more through lines to the overall story.

My group has enjoyed Kingmaker so far, but the two weakest points (other than super swingy encounters..either too easy or too hard), are that the BBEG is non-existant until the very end unless the DM makes a huge effort to shoehorn it in. And that the hexploration is a bit repetitive. Also the Kingdom building * cough * I mean magic item factory rules, need an overhall. They do the trick of making a backdrop for the Kingdom, but as an engaging part of the AP they become tiresome and cumbersome after 1 chapter of use.

Doing it on the other side of the globe in Tian Xia would be an excellent way to get a return on the creative investment they made there.

I have no specific love for the Dragon Empires stuff, but something about its less explored nature makes that an appealing setting for another foray into Hexploitation.

+1 to wanting it once again
+1 to wanting to play in it this time, but only if our DM is as awesome as I am ;)

+1 to magic generation.. I left that step out, didn't hurt anyone.
+1 to little more foreboding of big bad evil guy.. Little hints, but DM has to do some legwork, and not that easy when book 6 wasn't out yet :)

+1 I might want them to get to level 20, instead of 16. I mean, we have never ever ever got as high as this, but why quit now? :)


Evil Lincoln wrote:

Doing it on the other side of the globe in Tian Xia would be an excellent way to get a return on the creative investment they made there.

I have no specific love for the Dragon Empires stuff, but something about its less explored nature makes that an appealing setting for another foray into Hexploitation.

My vote is for Sarusan, with the colonists cut off from the rest of the world by the weird anti-memory field that surrounds the place.

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