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help rebuild character concept

Carrion Crown

MY wife really liked the Carrion Crown AP, But the group broke up after a failed assault on Schloss Caromarc, they were forced to retreat, using the waterfall as a method of escape.

characters were spread out along the river banks, several players lost interest.

My wife was playing a Half Drow inquisitor heretic who was hunted by other Drow (things I changed in the AP were the eryines devil was a drow archer and drow are involved in the raising of the whispering tyrant.)

So at one point, the Order of the Palantine Eye had raised the wife's character from the dead, and then inducted her into the order as an initiate of sorts as re-payment for their services.

Recently, I threw away the character because I thought she had died, but then recalled she had an ability that would have auto stabilized her and we never RP'd out all they way to dead with the bleeding.

Then Really Recently, the wife wanted to solo the rest of CC.

So I have to rebuild (or let her do it) her Inquisitor.

She built the character before the half-drow feats traits in ARG were available, but we definitely want to use them.
She was a heretic inquisitor because she has left the Drow faction that was helping the Whispering Way.
TWF (Im thinking of letting her use sawtooth sabres because of the cool way they work with TWF and they seem very drowish, she was fighting with katanas when they were bastard swords-before UC came out)

Also trying to consider giving her some HellKnight Levels, or maybe leaving her just inquisitor?

I'd like to play up her connection and advancement through the order of the Palatine Eye.

She was a heretic with the Zealous inquisition, her "favored enemy" was the whispering way.

Ideas or comments before I try and do a solo with her to finish carrion crown?

her stats are:
Strength 15
Dex 16
con 11
Int 10
wis 17
cha 9

we could swap dec and wis if needed.

She's 8th level.

It may not be completely relevant to the topic question, but why did the group seem to lose interest in the RP?

I'd bump the con up. Drop str. by one, and put those points in con, and maybe even one in cha. She might want to be more persuasive if it's just her against the world.

Dex and wis look good for her character. You want effective spell DCs, and 16 is good enough for TWF.

I'd allow an extensive rebuild by saying that her brush with death, along with the influence of the Order, has left her a changed person.

Same question as Inkwell, too.

stats are rolled not point buy so there isnt the choice to move a point.

There is +2 for race (half elf) and +1 for level 4 but thats all, oh I guess she gets one for level 8 ( I decided to let her have level 8 because she's going to solo) so that +1 isnt figured in yet.

Group got bored because:

My wife was originally running this campaign but got overwhelmed (she really liked the AP so wanted to run it) but it was her first time DMing.

So I took over.

Her playing isn't an issue because she has short term memory loss issues, the only thing she can recall is the beast is a good guy.

I don't recall what I was playing in this AP at all, but it became a GMPC I think (oh no never mind I was a gun slinging inquisitor...before they had the blackpowder inquisition dang i could have used that) and the PC didn't continue.

I played a Paladin/monk as GMPC.

One of the other players was a witch and very disruptive (but equally amusing, she was a gnome witch) and the other one was like towing an anchor (always got overwhelmed by a shiny rock or something)

Schloss Caromarc proved to be too hard of a combat for the group. the Trolls were vicious and then the Dog on the bridge, which they actually were able to go around by some genius Rping.

But then they got into it inside the Schloss with something I don't recall and had to run, and they ran straight into the dog they bypassed.

So they elected to jump into the waterfall (all of them had really good swim ironically and a witch that could float)

So off they went, they got scattered all over the river bank down stream and spent a lot of time recollecting their collective treasures which the barbarian had been carrying around is a cloth sack.

I had them roll randomly to see what was lost and they couldn't find and then had some random encounters (I was really hoping for a scrag) pop up while they were hunting down their lost gear.

I cooked up side quest sparked by a will o wisp which drew the party off in the night to a goblin lair, whom as it were, had been digging their warren right up to a secret entrance into Schloss Caromarc. (the Pcs actually never found this little factoid out)

The PC's ran amok in the goblin warrens chasing goblins who had stolen the Witch's familiar (she flew it down a hole as a scout, where a goblin promptly B*tch slapped it and ran off with it as food)
the party split Up (!!!!!) to chase down the witches familiar.

the barbarian got tangled up with some wargs while the witch found another exit to from the warren.

the Inquisitor (my wife) had the best track and followed the goblin with the yummy bat.

no one was really concerned about the inquisitor wandering off by herself because she was a beast, that sneaks and heals.

She followed the goblin to a little room where other goblins were working and were apparently piling up loot (stuff they had robbed out of Schloss Caromarc, the next room would have been tunnel and a back way into the Schloss)

The Inquisitor got brave and jumped out and screamed BOO! and the goblins panic, but right now their only way out is past her, because the other way the AP had been stalking around and they weren't going that way until "big scary goblin eater" went night night.

So in a panic they bum rush her like a kindergarden class being herded by a wild bull.

In the ensuing chaos, she slashed huge holes in the goblin pack slash! slash! one shot kills.

So I treated (meanly it turns out) the goblins as a swarm (I didn't want to make like 20 rolls), so they bull rush, and tackle her, and the ensuing damage from claws and fingernails they do to her while trampling by her put her down for the count (turns out the inquisitors weakness was CMD)
The band of goblins tramples by her long enough for a) their fright to wear off and b) for her to regain consciousness (she was just at 0) she wakes up casts a heal spell only to realize the two other bone heads have herded the mass of goblins back towards her! (barb rage, intimidate, roar!)

So she starts running! ahhhhhh! goblin swarm!

the way the warren was set up, similar to a city block, there were a lot of cross roads, like a grocery store isle.

So the witch flies down a corridor to cut the goblins off at the pass, casts a fireball at the mob of goblins, but because of how the tunnel is shaped, catches the inquisitor in the blast as well (as she is running for her life)

This witch's name should have been fizban, because both other players were constantly yelling "NO NOT fireball! cast something ELSE!"

Party is out of healing (except the inquisitor who was now bleeding out and hadn't healed because she was double moving trying to stay ahead of double moving goblins) and the inquisitor is bleeding out.

Group just assumes she's going to be dead.

Game session ends there.

Never Played again, due to lack of interest/things being too hard without the inquisitor.

News Flash wife decided she doesn't want to multiclass into cavalier or hellknight, she wants to stay straight inquisitor.

She'll by fighting TWF swords, throwing daggers, quick draw shield and long bow (wants the quick draw feat)

he decided she wants to stay a freelance agent of the Order of the Palentine eye and not join the knighthood.

Dark Archive

...Soloing Carrion crown sounds like a recipee for disaster.

Maybe you'd have more sucess with a adventure path like Jade Regeant or Rise of the Runelords, where you start off with goblin wackiness. Carrion Crown/gothic horror in general is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced GM.

Although you might want to give some serious though to the situation being "I made up and added a bunch of stuff not in the module book, and now everyone but my wife quit the game."

the module didn't have anything in writing about them jumping off the waterfall.

There is clearly something there, what are you going to say? You fall into oblivion and never to return?

The players went "off the map". Had to Adhoc something.

Players were hanging out on a river bank, not know what else to do.

Rolled random encounter got will o wisp found a way to maybe find a back door to get into the castle and continue the adventure.

I didn't decide to have them split up, or send familiars alone into tunnels they knew from first hand knowledge were full of goblins.

Truth be told, the goblins were a lot less terrifying than the other stuff that was keeping them from going back the way they came from.

I've been playing this game in one edition or another since 1983. Been Dming for more than half that time.

Hardly say that's lack of experience.

Actually, there were quite specific rules for what happens with the waterfall. Rules for falling, and damage dealt were all there in the adventure path. There's no real rules for scattering their equipment, that's left up to the DM. While not entirely realistic, because there's no rules for dropping items when falling, PC's do not drop their items. So I certainly don't blame the players for being upset when you made all their gear basically disappear. That's a major unwritten rule of DMing, be very careful how you mess with PC equipment.

Additionally, as far as the goblin encounter goes, it seems a little bit unnecessary for where it took place within the campaign. The PCs were in the middle of braving Schloss Caromarc, and you took them away from that and spent a considerable amount of time tracking down 'lost' equipment, detracting from the immediate story. Don't forget as well that there's a time limit on the Schloss Caromarc part because of the enraged mob rushing towards Schlosss Caromarc. Adding a random encounter is one thing, sidetracking the culmination of the adventure path is something else entirely. Personally, I feel there should be no random encounters once the PCs reach Schloss Caromarc... even if they fall into the water. This is the end of the adventure path, the culmination of everything they've been doing for the last several adventures. Now is not the time to sidetrack them with wacky randomness.

your missing the point that the Pcs needed/wanted another way into the Castle.

The PC carrying all the loot was carrying in a sack, when he went over the waterfall he had to catch the falling witch who was unconscious, and could not make swim checks on her own, so in order to carry her, AND swim on his own, where does the sack go that he was carrying around like santa?

The sack wasnt full of their stuff per se, it was full of stuff they were simply going to sell off. Things no one had a specific claim on.
They had also lost the sheet onto which the contents of said sack were listed.

So the things that they found scattered on the shore were mostly things we could recall that were in the sack.

The goblin lair gave them another way into the the Schloss and allowing to by pass a) that which they had run from and b) that which they had no intention of re engaging.

So effectively this was moving them past that stuff and putting the story back on track, all they needed was the next step in the chain of events to follow the trail of the Whispering Way and get on with the story.

One of the characters backstory had him eventually taking levels in alchemist, and the count was going to be that mentor..... I just n eeded to get them around the stuff they couldnt handle.

Taken in that context it seems a little better than the way it was originally presented. And honestly, if the PCs weren't smart enough to bypass the content using fly spells (or even utilizing Spider Climb to climb the cliffside on their own and make it to the final tower on the far cliff), then yes I suppose it would be encumbant on you, the DM to throw them a bone.

Getting back on topic, unless you, as a GM, plan on GMPCing an entire adventuring party aside from your wife, then Carrion Crown will likely be a bit too difficult for her. Might I suggest you think about allowing her to play a gestalt character? If you're not familiar with gestalt, the bare bones of it is that you allow her to play two classes simultaneously; so she could be an inquisitor/cleric, for example, leveling up both classes simultaneously, and taking the best of both classes (i.e., best save, best BAB, etc) while getting class features and spellcasting from both classes. That won't make up for missing a party, but it does help quite a bit.

Well the funny thing about this party is, the inquisitor did the bulk of the work.

The rest of them were like walking pots and pans clanking together.

Except for the goblin swarm oops, she did quite well skulking around and avoiding nearly everything she needed to.

I'm quite positive, that with good RP, and a decent side kick (I'm leaning toward some kind of alchemist) that she can get through this, even if I have to dial down a few foes.

From what I recall, most of the vampire stuff is talky talk anyway. (unless you've got an over zealous paladin who want to kill them for being vampires!)

The inquisitor can self heal, the alchemist could heal too. They have the light armor, stealth and disable device thing down, and I'm letting her be 2 levels higher than she should be if she were with a group (so her underling would be AT level)

She took out Vorstagg and Grine by herself...that was pretty combat intensive.

Plus I plan on supplying her with the "financial backing" of the Esoteric Order of the Palantine Eye, so she will have resources otherwise unavailable to her from a normal unaffiliated party.

The Alchemist would be able to cover a good deal of arcane need but maybe not all of it?

What else would they be missing besides action economy and HP soaking.?

It just occured to me, we could playtest mythic powers with this character. Perfect, that would tip the balance.

Now we just have to pick which mythic path, probably trickster, knowing her play style.... it's almost a rogue already...

Inquisitor does well in this AP.

We had a two PC party, summoner and inquisitor. The eidolon was built to grab things and hold them down so the inquisitor could punch them repeatedly. Good times.

I do point out, though, that I kept the two PCs one level above recommended. That way I didn't have to nerf any of the encounters and the PCs did just fine. Two PCs one level ahead did about as well as I'd expect from a standard party, standard level.

The hardest part of the AP is over anyway. According to consensus here on the boards, volumes 1 and 2 were the toughest. Volume 3 is pretty hard, too, but then it gets easier. Especially if your wife takes the diplomatic way out of volume 5.

which she might.... her character background is focused on hunting down the whispering way and she's an agent of the palentine eye, so same mission. Less interested in the obliteration of everything that might been seen as evil and/or unnatural

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