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Painting tutorials


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Without doing any kind of research as to whether there's already a thread like this, I decided that I would make a separate thread about painting tutorials.

There are numerous painting tutorials out there, some on regular websites, some on forums, some on YouTube and you can even buy some on DVDs. Oh books about it too.

For this first post I'll focus on YouTube videos, or more specifically YouTube channels, where you can find painting tutorials.
Later on I might post links to other websites and forums (if other people don't link to them first).
Note: Many of these tutorials feature Games Workshop miniatures, but the techniques apply no matter where the miniatures are from.
Second note: Many of the channels will also have videos on other aspects surrounding painting miniatures, like discussions about paint brushes, paints, how to make a wet palette, other tools etc.

GirlPainting - Alexandra will guide you through a lot of great tips, from beginning steps to more advanced techniques.

MrWatchingpaintdry - Lots of tutorials with pictures and a step-by-step description of what he's doing on the miniature.

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic.

Jawaballs - Primarily focused on Warhammer 40k miniatures, but also some orcs and other miniatures. Again, the techniques can be applied to a whole variety of miniatures.

AwesomePaintJob - Les Bursley is an amazing painter and has lots of tutorials and show pieces where he paints a miniature from start to finish (speeded up a bit, but still). I've placed Les in the advanced category, because he usually uses an airbrush on most of his models. Many people don't have one (or can afford one) so some of his techniques might be harder to replicate. However, with thinned down paints and many layers, some of them can be done with a brush too. But he also has many other techniques which can be done by most people.

Buypainted - Polish guy with a great, thick accent. ;-)
Again this is placed in the advanced category because he uses an airbrush for most of his work. Still lots of inspiration and tutorials, including bases etc.

SchnauzerFaceMinis - Again, airbrush use, but also regular painting techniques.

There are more channels out there, but this should get you started!

Dot. Thanks GentleGiant!

StudioMcVey - Any Games Workshop old-timers is sure to recognize the name Mike McVey from the 'Eavy Metal team, the GW painting books and the pages of White Dwarf. The channel has a few videos done by Ali McVey and covers primarily blending techniques - done with the skin of a model, so it's also a good skin painting tutorial.

Hi, we'd just like to introduce our selves. If you're looking for the most comprehensive library of videos to improve your techniques then check out our library of videos with Golden Demon winning painters and sculptors. Over 100 hours of videos!!!

Our library includes work by Thomas David, Jennifer Haley, Jacques Alexandre Gillios and Ben Komets and we're always adding more.

Miniature Mentor.


Miniature Mentor

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