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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Is anyone currently running or about to run an online game?

Local Play

Dark Archive

I am wanting to get out more and meet and play with other groups as opposed to my normal group. It appears that there isn't very many games being held in my area and was wondering if anyone would be willing to run an online campaign or is currently running and would let me join c:

A good idea if you're looking to join an online game is to make your way over to the Online Campaign: Recruitment boards and see if there are any games looking for players that seem interesting. There's a lot of Play-by-Post, but there's also quite a bit of games being run via Skype and MapTools or Roll20 and similar programs.

Dark Archive

thank you c: sorry, i am a noob to the pathfinder society stuff. I am still trying to convert everyone in my group from dnd 3.5 to pathfinder lol

Grand Lodge *****

What timezone are you in? I know a group that runs Tuesday nights US Central.

Silver Crusade

Also, check out the Pathfinder Society Online Collective

Dark Archive

Mountain time lol. I live in Alabama (unfortunately)

Shadow Lodge *****

AetherCon should suit your needs quite well!

Dark Archive

Will be checking that :)

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