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GMing and presitge

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

I'm curious about the amount of prestige we are awarded for GMing a sanctioned module. They are worth the full 4 PP, correct? The reason I ask is, on my character's tracked sessions page, it only lists that I received 2 PP for GMing Godsmouth Heresy. Granted, it says GM: Reward +2 next to it, but the total prestige I've earned for my faction (listed at the bottom) doesn't only totals 2 PP for Godsmouth. Am I just supposed to know that I have the extra 2 PP, or is this an error on the site? Or, am I wrong?


Prestige is entered in by the person reporting the event, so i would ask the person in charge of doing so if they entered it correctly. It should have been 4 PP.

"GM Reward +2" means you got two credits instead of one towards your GM stars. This is done automatically by the system.


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You are right. You gain 3 XP and 4 PP for the GM credit chronicle for GMing a regular sanctioned module such as Godsmouth.

There is a known issue with the display for GM credit on the Paizo site. I believe it has to do with the system being built to handle scenarios, and when they opened up modules they basically had to be shoehorned in. It works, but the display is kind of wonky.

In all cases, the physical chronicle sheet is the "real" record of what a character has played/earned be that as a player or GM.

Hope this helps.

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