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A new Shine on Old Maneuvers

Pathfinder RPG General Discussion

I've been looking at several combat maneuver using characters recently, A Tetori Monk, an Oracle of Battle Sunder Monkey, a Tripping Lore Master, a Dirty Trick and Steal Maneuver Master, and I got to looking at the support maneuvers have gotten since the release of core. You can do a lot more with maneuvers now than ever before, between maneuver focused archetypes and feats like Ki throw, Spinning throw, Body Shield etc. there's some mighty fun things you can do with maneuvers.

What else do people want to use their CMB for? What new maneuvers or new uses of old maneuvers can people think of?

Personally, I'd love to see some kind of maneuver for "hitching a ride" on big monsters, Shadow of the Colossus style, climbing to their weak spot and giving them what-for.

Or a use of grapple that lets you pull some more unorthodox wrestling moves, suplexing, power bombing, whatever that luchador move is called where they spin around your shoulders then throw you ten feet.

Dirty Trick and Steal need some love in the different uses department, maybe a way to kick dust in your opponents face as you move in for the kill or snatch something off an enemy's belt and immediately toss it to a companion.

What do you guys think?

The Magus class is the best "support" maneuvers have gotten since the release of the core. In a single round, you can cast True Strike and perform a trip or disarm combat maneuver.

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