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Help Filling a Role - High Level into Epic Characters


Scarab Sages

Hey all,

I am looking to add a friend of mine into our pathfinder campaign, its a homebrew with a lot of GM added stuff, but inherently still built around the primary Pathfinder Books!

Party so far:

Me: highly optimized wizard, through role play have gained the half fiend template.

Melee 1: Monk, big DPS and important.

Melee 2: Fighter optimized around step up and follow, aops, etc. has started a conversion into a construct... (dont ask)

Melee 3: our rogue/skill monkey/ party face - Still important and powerful, but a little plain. The GM has plans to make it up to him later in the game. Also has leadership which was used to gain us a cleric... So we have SOME heals.

Now we have a lady friend of mine joining us, she will be starting at level eight but I am not sure how to guide her into this. Shes a little less attached to the actual character and will build her roleplay personality around it. But she likes the idea of magical stuff mixed with physical ability.

So this lead me to thinking:

Druid - I am more an arcane guy, but I could figure it out for her.

Magus - No experience with this, do we need more melee?

Sorcerer / going into Dragon Disciple - Switch hitter, spontaneous caster.



Shadow Lodge

You're pretty melee heavy. Physical + Magical, maybe Arcane Archer?

Scarab Sages

I was thinking of that, we are also a little low on buffs.

I spend a good portion of time summoning pits and controlling the battlefield, the GM doesn't pull any punches with what we fight. I built around the treantmonk / professor q wizard concept and I love it, but I dont get much time being an enabler or debuffer.

Bard maybe? What kind of split between magical and physical do you want?

Scarab Sages

To be honest I think the emphasis should be more on what fills a niche in the party best. She's willing to play whatever and isn't attached to one concept or another. Also the GM will allow her one reroll before too many sessions have passed so if she hates what I come up with it isn't the end of the world. I am just concerned that aside from me, there is no real magic. Our cleric is awesome, but I end up playing her as well since the rogue doesn't really want to play two characters.

She was open to being magical in some way so I like that idea since I think it compliments how melee heavy we are.

I should have mentioned the rogue is taking three dips into assassin for the study/death attack ability. Sub-optimal (im a little bit of a power gamer) but its cool and saved out butt last week in one fight.

Is she new to D20? If so a Sorcerer is fairly straight forward and easy to manage then most classes.

Bow Bard perhaps. Lots of buffs.

Otherwise any range spellcaster will do

Scarab Sages

She is indeed new to D20 and pathfinder. But doesn't mind me holding her hand the first few sessions. I do want her to be bale to pick it up and run with it.

How about an Arcane Duelist bard that focuses on Bows? You get a ranged attacker with free magical enhancements to your bow, so damage should be decent. You also gain a good buffer for the group, and you can even pick up a few healing spells. And if your group does head into epic levels, the Mass Blade Thirst is going to be pretty nice.

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