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Fiendishly Summoning - Wizard, Summoner, or Abyssal Sorcerer? Diabolist?


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So, I like the tiefling stuff in ARG. I like all the demony/devilly flavored stuff. I like summoning.

I want to make a tiefling who summons -and possibly does other stuff-. I would like either a quasit or imp familiar if possible.

I love prehensile tail.

Can't decide between a wizard, summoner, or abyssal blooded sorcerer. Can't decide if I would like to do a Diabolist or not.

Summoner is awesome, but I need to dump a feat to Fiendish Heritage. After all, I want to more than JUST to summon, right? I'd need to drop two feats into Skill Focus: Eldrich Heritage to get a familiar, one more feat to make it a demon. If I want bonus monster goodness, I need to drop some feats into SF: Conjur, Aug Sum and Superior Sum, as well as FOUR feats into SF, EH, IEH and GEH to get the "Drop a demon, get another" bonus of the abyssal bloodline. This is slightly negated with Master Summoner, but not totally, and it nerfs the eidelon (i.e. storywise would probably be my half-brother or cousin or some fun stuff like that). Seems very feat heavy to get all I want as a horde-master and potential grandson of some archdemon. Not to mention not much else I can do... I'm almost completely set against this route, but leave it up to see others' opinions.

Wizard is also awesome. No need to swap up my heritage with Fiendish Heritage, a definite plus. Our GM doesn't do crafty feats, so Scribe Scroll becomes "bonus feat". I still need to drop the three feats into Superior Summoning, as well as four into abyssal bloodline, and another feat for improved familiar. Best spell progression, so I can do more than -just- summon. I end up with feats

SpF-Conjuration, Augment Summons, 3: Superior Summon, 5: Skill Focus-Know Planes, ANYMETAMAGIC, 7: Improved Familiar - Imp/Quasit, 9: Eldrich Heritage-abyssal, 10: ANYMETAMAGIC, 11. Improved Eldrich Heritagem 13-15: ???, 17: Greater Eldrich Heritage.
This was my original plan... I also love the Conjuration special ability (almost as good as summoning lvl/minute, as really, how many fights last more than six rounds? by level 3 I'm good) and the teleportation ability is --amazing--

3. Sorcerer is doable if I drop a feat into Fiendish Heritage. I also get that +2 cha for the purpose of my bloodline (and as I read it spellcasting?), though I lose out on my prehensile tail if I do. Still need Eldrich Heritage for a familiar, so that's two more feats. Still need Superior Summons, so that's three more....BUT no need to EH my way into the wonderful 15th level ability of the abyssal bloodline. PLUS, this fits themeatically with BEING part demon. I end up with:
1: Fiendish Heritage - Pit Demon, 3: Skill Focus - Know Arcana, 5: Eldrich Heritage - Arcane, 7: Improved Familiar, 9: SpFocus-Conjuration 11: Augment Summoning, 13: Superior Summoning.... This seems to lag behind, but really fills that demon blood theme.

4. Not themeatically right if I go Sorcerer or Summoner, as I'll be demon spawned and not devil spawned, but I love the Diabolist. I also love the idea of having -two- imps permanantly accompanying me around. Is it worth it?

As of now I'm leaning towards the Wizard route, possibly the Diabolist with it. Opinions? Tips? Tricks? Two cp?



You can get Augment Summoning as a bonus feat at level 7, plus the arcana gives DR, plus level 15 str bonuses for whatever reason :P

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Fiendish heritage is pretty much meaningless now. Developers have come out and said a number of times to ignore it and Blood of Fiends didn't include it. You can choose whatever heritage you want without a feat.

I would go sorcerer. I would use a feat for prehensile tail, then, because fiendish sorcery is great. You'd want to go demon-spawned with the abyssal bloodline. You'll get an effective +4 to charisma (race, fiendish sorcery) for everything sorcerer related. You won't get the familiar without eldritch heritage, however. If you're absolutely set on the familiar, I would go devil-spawned and the appropriate bloodline into diabolist.

Abyssal tiefling summoner (potentially going demoniac) would be an absolute terror, to be sure. You would have great save DCs, tons and tons of spells, really nasty summoned beasties everywhere whenever you wanted, and you could be a decent melee mage too with your strength boosts, claws, and spells like bull's strength, rage, stoneskin, and transformation. This would be a really fun character, to wade in there with your summoned hordes and start smashing away,

I also recommend Sorcerer. even though you are delayed a level in terms of summoning, you have a respectable number of spells/day and can summon OR cast a different spell.

Wizards have to pick how many summons they get of which level in advance for the most part, but a Sorc can toss out a summon of any level any time, or none at all without any planning involved.

I'd have gone with abyssal, but Infernal fit my concept better.
Summoner is cool, but if you go with Sorc, you can dip levels is Diabolist/Demonaic if you want and not nerf your SLA and eidelon abilities.

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