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thejeff wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
For all we know, the game world may NOT be hurling through space, and is actually immobile. So the rod would have no reason to do as suggested because the world is not moving around it.

Or the game world is actually the fixed center around which everything else moves? (Rovagugs prison?) It's not hurtling through space, space is hurtling around it.

Or you notice that the Immovable Rod does in fact move slowly in one direction. That's how scholars know the Turtle is actually moving.

Turtles. It's Turtles all the way down you heathen!

Well, here's a really good point, and that's that HUURRRRGGGHHT-

*gets brained by an immovable rod hurtling along with the speed of the planet.*

Seriously, I'd rather get beaten to death by someone's hair, in that other thread.

What have I done

Meh, play what you want, how you want. Accept the consequences of your choices. Could be in game. Could be out of game. Could be 'social' consequences (people don't want to play with you), could be more direct, 'people think you're a jerk and punch you in the face'.

Way of life. Also, accept that others are under NO obligation to accept your reasoning as logical or appropriate or in good taste or in the spirit of the game or whatever.

This seems to have gotten silly now...

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