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In Character PC looking for Arcana mentors


Grand Lodge *

my name is Blunderbuss Shane, and i am looking for a master or anyone who knows the arcane way you see i am an Aasimar and thats all well and good but i was a gunslinger a really good one at that i just started adventuring and when i started feeling stronger ( aka level up)
i found i had the powers of a Sorcerer and i dont know anything about arcane please could any one find or be help to me


o by the way if your teaching me stuff i promise not to drink if you dont like that stuff

thanks again


The Exchange ***

I have a feeling that a Chelish devil binder and his imp familiar will be appearing soon to take you to task, while making snide comments about the state of Andoran education if I do not do so myself. I'm a wizard with my nose in books most of the time, so excuse me blunt language.

It appears that you typed this entire post using your mobile phone, considering your lack of punctuation and capital letters throughout the entire post. Also "o by the way if your teaching me stuff..", should be more appropriately put as "Oh, by the way if you're teaching me stuff..".
Furthermore, your sentence "but i was a gunslinger a really good one at that i just started adventuring.." does not make much sense.

It is highly recommended that you sit at a computer and type the post so that it is easier on your readers, if you wish them to help you.

Next - what are you trying to accomplish by mixing gunslinger and sorcerer. They don't mix very well. The primary stats of a gunslinger are wis + dex, while a sorcerer uses mainly cha. The result is that you will be multiple ability dependent (MAD). There is an archtype - mysterious stranger which uses cha, but that archtype gives up gun training - which most people find the trade off not worth it - since gun training allows you to use your dex modifier(probably your highest stat) on your gun's damage rolls.

Each level you take as a gunslinger means one less caster level as a sorcerer which means you have less spells to play with, and may never access the higher level spells. As a general rule of the thumb, do not give up caster levels unless you have good reason to do so.

Gunslingers also have the option of going around in light armor - which will screw your sorcerer side up unless you take arcane armor training, or use still spell. Alternatively, you can walk around in mage armor.

At the end of the day, unless you know of some things that I don't know of - you'll realize that you have to make a choice between what you wish to play, or you'll never be a decent gunslinger or sorcerer.

Grand Lodge *

sorry my comrade, i was writing fairly early in the morn,

( btw i know it doesnt seem it by my writing but he is a wisdom style and is a wild blood Empyreal and he is only 2 second level that why i was writing with out social graces and also his cha is an 8)

but i hear what your saying, mage armor i have acquired a wand of this thank you for your assistance

what i think i was asking for was for maybe to find someone inside our Andoran who could work with me perhaps?

thanks for your advice


Liberty's Edge **

**An aging man dressed in brown robes and smoking a pipe that bellies his taste for pesh motions towards Beltin to take a seat at a table Galindar is seated at.**

Please, my boy, take a seat. Although I'm not of arcane blood, I'll be happy to speak of your new found power with you.

The thing you must embrace, child, is that you are indeed alone in learning to harness your newfound powers. As I'm sure you've noticed, there are no "Sorcerer Schools", per se, just as there are no apprentices that serve other sorcerers. Just like a bird cannot teach her chicks how to fly, they must learn to use these powers and find their own strengths from within. And it is this inner strength that flows through your veins that offers you the greatest potential.

That said, I can offer you some insight on how to learn more of your power. Even by most arcane practitioners, I'm . . . very experienced. In true honesty, I appear to have forgotten more about arcane power than several masters have learned in a lifetime of experience.

First, you should attempt to understand the source of your power. Somewhere in your past, before you were born, your family was touched by something truly remarkable. It is possible that your bloodline power is from Celstial origins, as it is clear by your appearance that you are a Aasimar. However, it is possible that the power that sings to you in your blood may have had different origins. And I assure you that you would not be the first to experience this. Perhaps your great grandmother was seduced by a satyr, or mayhaps your father made a pact with a dark force beyond this world to bring you into this one. Learn the source of this power, and then learn all you can about it's origins.

Second, use the knowledge you have gained of your origins and use it to fuel the power in your blood. From my experiences with companions who drew on arcane heritages, finding the source helped them the inner journey to unlock even greater powers.

Now, as you can see, I'm a rather old man, and I'd be happy to answer as many questions that you might have. And, from what I can see, you have more than a few. Please, child, feel free to share these with me.

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