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Monstrous Physique - Do any Mounstrous Humanoids actually get pounce?


So I was looking at the list of possible abilities you can get if your form has it from Monstrous Physique II and one of them was pounce. Do any monstrous humanoids actually get pounce? I was looking through a list of them, and I didn't see any, though I could have missed them (was looking for something else at the time).

Weretiger's hybrid form is a *humanoid* with pounce.

I don't think there are *any* monstrous humanoids with pounce; morlocks have leap attack - but that's not pounce.

If this is something subject to house rule, I'd certainly plead the case to my GM that a weretiger's hybrid form is more properly classed as "monstrous humanoid" and hence should be added to the Monstrous Physique portfolio... up to your diplomacy check, I guess :)

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