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Monkey Character Advice


So we’re looking at playing Skulls & Shackles at some point and we were throwing around ideas for characters and the DM has approved me playing a Monkey.

It’s be a reincarnated human with;

Spd 30, Climb 30
-8 Str, +4 dex (including size modifiers)
lowlight vision
+8 acrobatics

on top of standard human traits.

However I’m not sure where to go for class. We know we’ll start off with minimal to no equipment and that morally dubious is the order of the day. The DM has said that I can’t speak but my vocalisations are sufficient for spellcasting if I choose to go that route.

Background will involve being force reincarnated by a powerful witch.

I’m leaning towards sorcerer but I’m open to suggestions. The character will have a STR of 3 and the carrying capacity of a tiny creature which is going to scupper many martial ideas, as does 0ft reach – and miniature bows don’t seem to really ‘fit’. Whilst this character is always going to be concept heavy I don’t want to be entirely ineffective.

Rogue seems like another good concept fit but damage output is going to be poor and reach is an issue. Monk does too, I'm just not sure what the character would do in combat.

So class ideas other than sorcerer? Or if I go sorcerer any suggestions for bloodline/spells/feats/etc?

More Info: Starting at 1st, 20 point buy.

Could go dex Magus; weapon finesse at 1st, dervish dance at 3rd, so you don't need strength.


Pirate monkey with a brace of pistols. How is that not brilliant?

High dex offsets the damage loss from weapon size, light or no armor preferred, and if you've got a prehensile tail you could maybe talk your DM into letting you use it to reload so you can go TWF with them. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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High dex and low strength says go for sneak attack damage to me.

you need to play a gunfighter with the sword and pistol feats. think about how frikin cute it would be to see a monky with a little pistol !!

I'd play a Druid that rides your animal companion and focusses on summoning? Your size will help you're defense and wont hurt your summons or companion, plus you can get mounted combat and negate an attack each round.

Gunslinger! This way you get to play Hit-Monkey!

Or, you know... A full caster... They can get away with nearly anything...

Nu'Raahl wrote:
I'd play a Druid that rides your animal companion and focusses on summoning? Your size will help you're defense and wont hurt your summons or companion, plus you can get mounted combat and negate an attack each round.

Or a monkey druid with a human animal companion :O

Mix between MacGurcules and Son of the Veterinarian:
Sniper rogue monkey. Lots of stealth and such with being tiny. Sniping gets you sneak attacks still. Just build up the range with levels. I am sure the DM would allow you to use guns with it too. You use tiny weapons but you won't lose damage for low STR.
All those skill ranks can go towards disguising and funny outfits and dancing for coins while a party member plays some music. Imaging the cash flow! Then you rob 'em blind with all that sleight of hand! Mwahahahaha

Thanks for the input, I'm still not set on anything - a 5lb light load isn't helping much.

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Since you can't have much gear at all, you should go for a monk. Grab an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists ASAP to get some decent damage, and you can have insane unarmored AC from size, Dex, and Wis.

Don't bother with Monk. You literally won't be able to do anything. With your backstory? Be a Witch, with a Monkey familiar! The curse left its mark in more ways than one. You want some of the following:

1. Ranged-Based Combat. -AND/OR- Spellcasting
2. Damage not impacted by your -8 STR / Tiny Size too much.
3. Lots of fun, adorable, monkey-based antics.

Ask your GM if you can pick up sign language.

So that leaves:
1. Any full caster (Witch, Sorcerer, Wizard, Druid, Cleric, Oracle)
2. Sneak Attack Based (Vivisectionist, Rogue, Ninja)
3. Non-STR/Size-based Damage (Gunslinger, Bomber Alchemist, Crossbow Inquisitor, Crossbow Fighter, Crossbow Paladin)
4. A Summoner/Synthesist.

From those options I'd pick which flavor fits you best. Each class tells a very different story.

Maybe a Monk but you probably wouldn't be able to do much. Grab Master of Many Styles and go for Monkey/Snake/Crane Style so you can't get hit?

An Alchemist would be interesting too. You should naturally be good at throwing things anyway. Maybe go Rage Chemist or Master Chymist for extra hilarity.

There is a monkey-person race in Advanced race guide that can fill your needs while not being over burdened with size penalties.

Spellcaster is probably the way to go. Who expects fireballs from a monkey?

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As an alternative, have you seen the Vanara? Maybe ask the GM to be Small instead of Med if that's a concern for you, but actually allows some other class possibilities (would make a fun rogue).

@Andrea1: Partial ninja... and flaming poo attack!

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