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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Gaelcon 2012

Local Play

The Exchange ***** Venture-Captain, Ireland—Belfast aka heretic

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Thanks to all the players who took part in the PFS games at Gaelon 2012 this past weekend in Dublins fair city.

Andrew W and Hugh, thanks for stepping up and running all those over flow tables when demand outstripped our original table numbers at every session over the weekend!

To the guys from Thanks for the interest and the time on your show. It was even better getting to game with you. Looking forward to hearing from you all in the future .

To the Gaelcon organisers especially Graham & Feargal you guys made my life much easier with all your support. Looking forward to doing it all again next year.

To all the individuals who played for the first time or more experienced hands like Shallowsoul: Many, many thanks for making the event such great fun.

As we discussed if anyone has and questions or thoughts just put here or PM (or email ofc) me and I will come down and run a game or two for your groups.


Silver Crusade ***

Thanks for the great games over the weekend, I had a ball. Looking forward to getting some organised play going with my regular group.

I'll let you know when the organised play episode drops in a few weeks time.


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