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Dragon magazine article on "talking like a fighter" - what issue?

Dragon Magazine General Discussion

I remember reading an article in a dragon magazine about how different warriors might talk, what they might call their feats and such. Since English isn't my main language, and I'm forced to play in it anyway these days, it'd be a very useful reread.

Does anyone know which issue it is in? I've only had like 30 or so issues in total, and it's from the 3.0 or 3.5 period and not older, but I can't find it!

Or if you've got other good hints on sites/articles for this kind of thing it'd be very useful.

bumpin' bumpin

I remember skimming it (e.g. how to describe Power Attack or Combat Expertise in in-character language), but I haven't a clue what issue it might have been in.

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