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First game

Beginner Box

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Last saturday I gm'ed my first game in years. We played the scenario in the beginners box. Got three players, where one was an experienced PF player who gave a helping hand. One was new to PF and the third didn't knew what roleplay was.
We all had a blast and I rediscovered the fun of gm'ing.
I have two converts for pf and they are already asking me to play more regularly with the full rules :-D

Lantern Lodge

Congrats that is good to hear! As y'all are new to Pathfinder look into signing up into Pathfinder Society events. That is where I really learned the most of the rules and it is very interactive with other people and adventures. I showed up at the gamestore once and have been hooked, most of the players are good people who are always willing to help and answer questions.


Excellent. :)

There is no Society organisation going on here. Most people play the campaigns. However I might try some of the Society adventures since they look simple to run.

You may have already seen them, but in the Beginner Box forums there are a couple of threads with suggestions for adventures suitable to run with the beginner box rules. There are also class conversions - so you can play more than just the 4 presented in the BB - and additional feats, that work really well with the BB. Makes a useful step toward the full rules. Also, Paizo has created Beginner Box Transitions, which is a free pdf that introduces key differences between BB and the full rules.

My experience with adventures was that it was pretty easy to convert them as you went - I ran my son and his friends through Hollow's Last Hope and Crown of the Kobold King without any great effort to switch them over to PF, and it went pretty smoothly.

Glad you all had fun!

I love seeing stuff like this.
Well done, OP.

@Khelreddin: Thanks for the tips. I will look into these adventures.

I used to write most of my adventures myself or converted published adventures. And I can't wait to do that again. Maybe I will convert some old favourites of mine to pf.
I discovered a whole new wealth of knowledge on the internet about writing which is wonderful.
Does the paizo message boards have a place to develop scenario ideas ?

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