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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder minis standalone game?


Hey, I was just wondering if there was a standalone game for the minis. The minis look really great, but I don't really want to start collecting them unless there was say a standalone game. The only one I have is the huge dragon, which lets be real, it is ridiculously awesome and if I'm correct is a limited edition sort of mini. If I missed a post about it, sorry I didn't look very hard.

The Exchange

There are none as of yet, but there's nothing saying that you can't use the Pathfinder rules and have a small skirmish.

Just use the pointbuy as the cost to "Buy" the model, choose whether you want a grid map or not, decide how many points the game shall be, and have fun with it. I did something like this with my brother, and the two of us enjoyed it.

Hmm, okay. Thanks for the tip. Only problem is, I don't play pathfinder. I don't have rules or anything, etc. I also don't have any interest on spending money on that either right now.


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If you play the d&d skirmish game, there are a few sets of fan made stats for the first set

The Exchange

Don't worry about not playing PF, stealth. I come bearing Gifts! Now, this is the online database for all things Pathfinder, You don't have to know all the rules, just the basic of "Roll d20 to see if you hit, it's against their AC and you add your To Hit Bonus to whatever you roll. Roll 1d8, add 5, subtract from opponent's health."

I do suggest playing Pathfinder. Even if you think that you're not a math sort of person, you can always chat with someone online(Like Me) for the crunch of the numbers and you play what we give you. It's an enjoyable game, and the link I posted earlier has everything you need. Now, if one of the rules is "You must have a copy of the rules" in your perspective group, then I don't suggest playing with them. There is always someone else willing to play.

Good luck in whatever you do!

Dark Archive rew

These are links to stats for Pathfinder figs to use for DDM

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The first link as written takes you to a "page not found" error.

But if you take out the space between the b and the rew it works fine. ;-)

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