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Tidal Wave Redeux (KickStarter)


Hi Folks,

A lot of people came to check out our first miniatures KickStarter and felt that it was far too complex. We're asking folks to come back and take a second look as we've basically overhauled the entire campaign.

Tidal Wave KickStarter

I know there is another thread floating around which our old campaign was mentioned in, but I just wanted to start a fresh thread for those that might be skipping over the old thread.

The biggest news is; thanks to our new reputable manufacturer we are able to lower our goal, which should mean we're able to achieve said goal much more easily. We've done away with exact shipping, and incorporated flat rates (except with one particular pledge level intended for small orders). Most importantly, we've done away with the Credit System and simplified as much as we could, while leaving everything as customizable as possible.

As the campaign goes on we will be adding more pledge levels, but we have 2 that we want to mention upfront.

DIY'r TIDAL WAVE :: For people that like to paint their own minis we have the $15 Two Fer One which gets you a full unpainted set of Tidal Wave as a bonus just for ordering a full unpainted set! This is 16 minis for $15.

TIDAL WAVE :: For people, like me, that like everything already pre-painted we have the $25 "buy what you want" and get a free set of all 8 alternate painted Tidal Wave minis as a bonus! This is a minimum of 16 pre-painted minis for $25.

The launch centralizes around a nautical theme, but as the campaign goes on we plan to branch out in to various other themes. The next two sets have already been revealed in our updates.

Update #1

If you're into print n play games, we also have our FREE downloadable Dungeon Crawler Labyrinth game as part of our campaign. There's also our fantasy story mode expandible card game which we have on special until the end of Halloween.

Update #3

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

We also have a Refer-A-Friend program now for free minis. :) m-tidal-wave-redeux/posts/337915

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

I like the way you did this one much better. Simple and clear. I so hope this works out well for you and your company.

What you need after looking forward to that medium and large water elemental they are going to make for pathfinder is a huge one!

With two weeks to go we're almost half way to our enormous goal. We'd like people to take another look at what we have to offer.

Like pres-man says, the upcoming medium and large water elementals will need a boss-man too! ;)

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

Question: Will you do more minis regardless of the outcome of this second pass?
Some of the ideas you have put out there look interesting.

The investors are continuing to press on, so there will be more or certain.

Eventually we may try another KS campaign, but it will be very different. We may have just had bad timing with the holidays, certain campaigns, hurricane and super sales, but who knows.

I'm a huge geekfan of Larry Elmore's and he just backed us = nerdgasm!

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber
DungeonCrawler_greyhaze wrote:
Eventually we may try another KS campaign, but it will be very different. We may have just had bad timing with the holidays, certain campaigns, hurricane and super sales, but who knows.

Well having tried and failed to pull in several friends, I will say none of those things came up as reasons for not doing it.

We're entering the last weekend of our campaign this weekend, it's good to see some new faces backing us.

This is just a reminder about the campaign and to give 1 final push this weekend. Take a look at the Refer-A-Friend deal we have in place, and just a reminder the shipping won't be charged until the minis are ready to ship.

Hope to see you all across the finish line!

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

So it was killed again by the DC folks. :-(

Too bad, they do good work.

Aye, 6hrs to go and we were at less than half. We'll be back! (someday)

Thanks for those of you that supported us, it was much appreciated!

im confused. Is the Dungeoncrawler line of mins dead? Will there be an ocean set or new mins after the last produced set?

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