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Can a Bladebound Magus enhance his chosen blade?

Rules Questions

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

So if you play a Bladebound Magus you get a magic sword for free. But say i want to enhance it - make it keen, tripping or something - can I use the Enhancement bonus from the ACF to give it diffent enhancements or can I can I only use my arcane pool?

And how about making the party wizard upgrade the item? Is that possible?

You also treat it as aarcane bound object like the wizards. So you can upgrade it yourself.

Shadow Lodge

actually i thought it had already been resolved that do to a black blades unusual ego score progression and predetermined class level based skills it was not able to be enhanced or enchanted in the same way other intelligent items can be. although a magus may still apply arcane pool bonus.

Looks like a GM call.
Nothing indicates that you can't but since it's an independent intelligent item that increases in power on it's own as you level.. I'd go with no.

I would think that it can, but would increase its ego. So your weapon would control you if your not careful.

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