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Pneumbral Accord Question *Possible Spoilers*

GM Discussion

Shadow Lodge *****

today at my FLGS we had an interesting situation come up and I dont know what to tell the player in question

during Pneumbral accords (table of 4) 1 character died ... 1 escaped ... and 1 was a question Mark (dunno about the 4th one)

the question mark was unconscious at -9 HP while the survivor hid (and remained undetected throughout the night)

come morning the survivor escaped .... while the character at -9 was branded (therefore going to be a slave in the shadow plane)

the easy answer would be if the character was Andoran (which hes not) since andoran can spend prestige to be broken out of slavery

the question is ... what do I tell this player ... is his character dead ?... or is there a way to rescue him from the slavery

I know the 5 PA rescue mission to retrieve ones Body is in the Guide to OP but the character is technically not dead

edit - character stableized at -9

Silver Crusade **

I really don't know how to call this one. 5 PA retrieves a body, but that doesn't cover extra planar travel. That is really a tricky one, and I'd like to see the official answer to this. Though why the escapee decided to leave his friend behind is also puzzling.

Shadow Lodge *****

I think it may have been a mid combat Vanish (as it was a ninja) run away and hide type thing

it wasnt my table so I really dont know the specifics ...

Plane Shift is a 5th lvl Spell and I would assume that the fork's cost stayed the same (I just woke up and search fu is weak) at 500 so theoretically one could calculate the cost of the spell + Fork

lvl 9*5(5th lvl spell)*10 = 450*2(cost to get home) + 500 (planar fork shadow plane) MAYBE another 500 for the fork to get home as well

1900gp for just the travel portion ... assuming my cost is right


I would rule that they had died during the branding process. Oops, I slipped and stabbed you in the eye, you were at -9, sorry. Then if they can afford the body retrieval and raise, or a true resurrect, awesome. If not, sorry, your character is done, and if you prefer to think of him/her as forever enslaved on the shadow plane rather than actually dead, that's your call.

While the body retrieval probably isn't intended for planar travel situations, we are Pathfinders, after all ... and the Shadow Plane isn't that far from Absalom, when you get right down to it.

And while the ruling might be harsh, we are Pathfinders, after all. These things do happen.

Sczarni ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Washington—Pullman aka Coraith

From the Scenario:

When the two planes conjoin while the Wightir Conjunction remains active, elements of both planes may be treated
as real and interact with one another, but upon the device’s deactivation, all creatures return to their plane of origin.

So the choices the Shadow plane creatures were faced with were to kill the prisoner, Spend healing on the prisoner and then brand him, or let him shift back into his home plane. Make a call or roll randomly to determine his fate.

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