Increase SpellCraft?


I'm playing a primary spell caster. He's been inflicted with a temporary (2+ game weeks) condition that ties his casting to a successful spellcraft check. Currently he has only a 50% chance of successfully casting his highest level spells.

I'm looking for options to increase spellcraft or otherwise make him more likely to make his spellcraft check. We are between levels, so feats or traits aren't useful.

So far I can think of.....
Fox's cunning for a temp int bonus which translates to a +2
Threefold Aspect to gain an all day int bonus translating again to a +2

Headband of vast intelligence with a skill focus on spell craft

I don't like the fox's cunning because its such a temporary effect. Threefold Aspect is good, but my character can only manage 4th level druid spells (50% of the time anyway)

The headband would work, but I already have one with a sense motive focus. I'd hate to spend the resources on another one that I would use only temporarily assuming one was even avaialble to purchase.

Does anyone have other suggestions?


Cure the condition? Druids do get a bunch of removal spells.

Its actually kind of an interesting condition, there is no cure and if there was one it wouldn't be in my best interst to take it. In a sense the condition is payment for something that my character will receive when the condition resolves 16 days after the on set. I'm just looking for ways to minimize the handicap in the meantime. Unfortunately we are in a very time sensitive portion of the came so camping out in an inn for two weeks isn't an option.

But yes, curing the condition would be an obvious solution :-) Thank you.

Armillary Amulet gives a +5 Competence bonus to Spellcraft. If your DM will not let you have access to it (it was published in the module From Shore to Sea) you could always craft an item (or commission one)that gives a skill boost. An item that gives +5 will cost 2500 gold and one that gives a +10 will be 10000 gold.

Your familiar has the same ranks in skills as you do... Aid Another for a +2 bonus?

Shadow Lodge

There is an item called gloves of elven kind in the advanced race guide that give a +5 bonus to spell craft and concentration checks.

My suggestion would be a custom magic item awarding a skill bonus to Spellcraft, but since you're in a time-constrained scenario I suppose that won't work.

The heroism spell grants a +2 bonus to all skill checks.
The gallant inspiration bard spell grants a retroactive +2d4 bonus to a failed skill check.

Use a lot of wands?

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