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Talking on our local forum had me thinking about how viable an Organic LED display would be for gaming.

I must not understand the tech, because this sounds pretty darn simple. It would need a power source. And video input. At that point it's just an extension of the display to our portable media.

Where can I buy this? When could I buy this? Is there something like it on the market yet?

I mean, what contractor wouldn't want to save all his blueprints in digital form and roll out a single map and flip through the pages? What designer wouldn't like to go on site and unveil their plan digitally to their potential customer? And for the love of all that's holy, what GM wouldn't want all their maps at their disposal in an instant?

It's coming. Ask this question again in 18 months.

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I have Found EpicTable at Seems best for at Table Play and Not just for Online Play

So Far it is looking great..Although I have yet to figure out how to send the Player's Map to a Second Display/Monitor..for their View while not displaying The GM's Map.

Might have something to do with Windows 8.
I have a Projector and a 32 inch LED TV I would like to use.
I can create maps with Campaign Cartographer 3 and Dungeon Designer 3 Add on.

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Got an update, Bobson?

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