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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

San Francisco Pathfinder Society this FRIDAY and Next Wednesday

Local Play

**** Venture-Agent aka Rycaut

Hi all,

Pathfinder Society in SF will be this FRIDAY and then next week will resume our regular day of being on Wednesday evenings.

Signup on Warhorn at

Tomorrow we have the season 0 scenario Silent Tide (tier 1-5) and the season 3 scenario Sewer Dragons of Absalom (tier 3-7) scheduled though we need more confirmed players for each.

Next Wednesday we have the classic season 0 scenario Mists of Mwangi (tier 1-5) and the season 3 scenario Storming the Diamond Gate (tier 3-7) scheduled.

I'm in the process of scheduling Nov games - suggestions and requests are welcome!

We have been having a great mix of new and old players at the SF PFS games and I encourage everyone in the area or anyone who is visiting SF to stop by and play with us. In addition to PFS games we have an open gaming night where local companies are often playtesting new games and there is plenty of space for playing other games.

All right in downtown SF just a few blocks from BART & Muni (and easy access to Caltrain, Ferries or other local bus services). Parking is challenging - either plan on paying $10-15 at a local paid lot or seek street parking on a nearby side street (mostly free after 6pm)

See you Friday or on a future Wednesday!

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