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Pricing lesser metamagic rods

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

I searched several threads for this information but found naught. I also want to know this from a rules' perpective, not "ask your GM" (when I play) or "do as you want" when I'm the GM.

I looked through the Metamagic Rods section and compiled the following information (relative to the spell level increase of the corresponding metamagic feat):
Rod +0 cost 5500 (half of +1)
Rod +1 cost 11000
Rod +2 cost 32500 (+21500)
Rod +3 cost 54000 (+21500)
Rod +4 cost 75500 (+21500)
Greater rods follow the same logic with steps worth 48500.
Additionally, these simple formulas allow us to compute prices for metamagic rods whose feat's level increase is greater than +4.

However, the Lesser rod prices seem wonky:
Lesser +0 cost 1500 (half of +1)
Lesser +1 cost 3000
Lesser +2 cost 9000 (+6000)
Lesser +3 cost 14000 (+5000)
Lesser +4 cost 35000 (+21000)
While I can infer a formula from these values, it's quite complicated when compared to the prices for regular and greater metamagic rods (and the corresponding graph diverges quite rapidly, too).

Is there a typo somewhere ? What should the formula be ?

Who said there is a formula? A lot of magic items were just given prices that sounded right, and had nothing to do with a formula.

A lot of magic items are listed as if there was no formula behind their price while there actually is. See all stat-boosting and skill-boosting items for examples: they all obey the rules in "magic item creation".

All spellcasting staves also follow rules (which aren't given in the rules but are easy to find).

Infering a formula from regular and greater rods is easy. I just wondered if there was one behind the lesser ones too, or if it was just arbitrary numbers.

Isn't Quicken Spell the only +4 level metamagic feat? (don't have the list handy)

If so it makes sense that the devs decided that a rod of Quickening had to be more valuable to give access to this feat, even at low levels.


Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2011 Top 32

What is your goal here? All existing metamagic feats are in the +0-4 level range, so if you are making a custom rod just match it up.

Are you making a rod for some +5 metamagic feat (either homebrew or from some 3pp source?) Are you hoping to combine multiple feats into one big rod of say, Quicken Empower (+6 levels)? Why do you need an "official formula?" If we knew what exactly you were trying to do we might be better equipped to help you.

It does seem odd to want an official formula to create an entirely unofficial item.

Louis IX wrote:

While I can infer a formula from these values, it's quite complicated when compared to the prices for regular and greater metamagic rods (and the corresponding graph diverges quite rapidly, too).

Is there a typo somewhere ? What should the formula be ?

LOL, the meaningful text from the PRD:

PRD wrote:
Rod costs are difficult to determine.

So that basically means, "good luck with that". You're basically going to have to eyeball it and test it.

Dark Archive

see my guess at the formula here

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