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Pathfinder Society's One Year Anniversary Bash in Madison / Janesville, WI

Local Play


November marks the one year anniversary for Pathfinder Society in the
Madison/Janesville area, and we're pulling out all of the stops. We'll
be offering up some of the best scenarios from the first three Seasons as well as some of the newest ones. There's a lot of information below, including the November schedule and info about the raffle and prizes, so be sure to read on.

If you're not yet part of our Facebook group, please join up to keep up on all of the latest news about what's going on in November (and beyond!).

Here are our scheduled Game Day dates and times for November:

Saturday, November 3rd
Kryptonite Kollectibles - Janesville, WI
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
We are planning on having a pizza party either during the event, or at a nearby Pizza Hut immediately following the game. We've got a couple of prizes to give away at the end of the Game Day as well!

Saturday, November 10th
Pegasus Games - Madison, WI
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Pizza will be provided during the game day, as well as a number of prizes.

Saturday, November 17th
I'm Board! - Middleton, WI
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Pizza and some great prizes provided by the GameHole!

Saturday, November 24th
Misty Mountain - Madison, WI
10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Pizza will be provided throughout the day, and prizes will be raffled off at 7 pm.

Misty Mountain has also started scheduling Wednesday night PFS games. You can
email for more information on scheduling.

Now, on to the prizes!

At every game day in November, players and GM's will be able to receive raffle tickets for the prizes that will be drawn at the Misty Mountain Game Day on the 24th at 7 pm, and you must be present to win. Here's how you can earn tickets:

Play! - You will receive 1 ticket for each scenario in which you play
Run! - You will receive 2 tickets for each scenario that you GM
Recruit! - You will receive 1 ticket for each new player that you bring to an event.*
Purchase! - You can buy extra tickets for $1 each, or $5 for six tickets!

* A new player is defined as a player who has not yet participated in one of our
regular game days or conventions, and they must play in a scenario. Only one
ticket will be awarded for each new player, so couples who bring friends will
need to decide who receives that ticket. New players will also receive a ticket
for playing, as normal.

So, that's how you get tickets, but what can you win, you ask? Well, prizes are
still rolling in from various sources, but here's what we have so far:

- A small number of Pathfinder Tales novels
- A copy of the most recent Free RPG Day Module - Dawn of the Scarlet Sun
- One of the Huge Black Dragon miniatures from the Pathfinder Battles Heroes & Miniatures set
- A copy of Ultimate Equipment

As I mentioned, prizes are still being contributed, so stay tuned to our
Facebook group for more information there. Also, if the amount gained from ticket sales exceeds the amount of money spent on prizes, any excess amount will be put toward even more prizes.

If you would like to GM an event at one these Game Days, please let me know. We have a lot of slots to fill for the month, and we will appreciate any and all help!

It's ben a great year for us, and all of these things are our way of saying thank you to everyone that's helped up get to this point, and to all of those who will make the next year even more amazing!

-Matthew Starch
PFS Venture Lieutenant, Madison/Janesville area

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