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D0 without the disease

Pathfinder Modules

In D0 where it talks about using it as a prequel for D1 it says you "can remove all elements of the disease afflicting Falcon’s Hollow and instead use the encounters in Darkmoon Vale and in the ruins above the kobolds’ lair as supplementary encounters."
What does that even mean? What encounters in Darkmoon Vale? Is there some other mounting threat that's described somewhere else? I'm not clear what the point is without the disease bit. What am I missing?

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I interpret it as:

You run the Adventure D1: Crown of the Kobold King and use the encounters that are above ground in the Dwarven Monastery from D0 as set up encounters before the characters delve beneath the monastery.

The Encounters in Darkmoon Vale are the Witch's Hut and the Encounter with that Reptilian creature (where you would normally get items for the disease).

So use the encounters from D0, but use the story from D1.

Hope this helped!

Liberty's Edge

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Well, afaik Paizo has changed the name of the wood afte D0 had been published.
There was a sidebar explaining, that what was named Darkmoon vale in D0 was renamed into Darkmoon Wood.
Maybe it is that part which buzzers you...

I'll need to read Garm's post more carefully when I feel less tired.

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