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IOD Rebuild Quest - Heironeous ?

Savage Tide Adventure Path

After ideas, need your help... :)

One of my group is a half orc Fighter 1 / Paladin of Heironeous 4, and currently on the Sea Wyvern heading to the IOD. She was going fighter to start with but is now loving the Paladin, and has now asked me if she can drop the Fighter level for a Paladin level.

So, I 'could' just let her swap the level, but I think that'll be all too easy, so I've been looking at the rebuild quests idea from the 3.5 PHBII, and I like the idea of Heironeous himself charging the Paladin with a quest as the rebuild quest.

I want this quest to be something related to the IOD, it doesn't have to be soon (i.e. probably something to occur between the end of ToD and before SoS), but I'm struggling to find something suitably 'Heironeous'y'

I was tempted to do something relating to the Infamous Seven (loving the idea that my group might go hunting for them, and I'm going to use Emraag to cause the shipwreck at the end of SWW, brilliant idea to whoever come up with that on these boards), but I can only think that would fit would be finding and slaying Xiureksor (as that's the only one that seems to me as a proper intellegent evil creature)

Also had the idea of the quest to defeat the false believers (i.e. the Pelorian Camp in CoBI) but that's part of the main story, and I'd like to have something away from that.

Read up as much as I can on Heironeous (which is great as the dogma 'Duty to a Lady' pretty much has the Paladin doing Lavinias bidding) but can't think of anything that he would pick as a suitable task on the IOD.

So, any ideas on what Heironeous would get my Paladin to do?

You could focus on the "Duty to the People" aspect. Farshore would be a little too obvious, but:

(going from memory here - so may be wrong)

- one of the infamous seven (I think the shambling mound) was worshipped by a tribe of bullywugs. the Heironeous follower could show them 'the proper way'

- you have the rakasta that have been wiped out (but perhaps not quite...) & link the quest somehow to the rakasta-skinwalker-coautl triangle.

- or you could focus on the lost citadel (& have some survivors from the earlier savage tide (e.g. this was discussed before). IMC I was thinking ofusing Paizo's Crucible of Chaos as inspiration/background for the lost citadel.

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Well ,it's only one fighter level so I wouldn't make her wait for a whole chapter of the AP. I'd have the face of a priest appear in a dream, then have it covered in vines and drown, screaming. Let her find the remains in the ship the Mother is on, and bury them on the Isle (or at sea).

Alternative for remains - a chalice with a daily cure serious wounds or a necklace of prayer beads - something the party can use.

Better yet - both remains AND loot :-)

Once it's recovered, go to bed Fighter, wake up Paladin - ding!

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Perhaps you can do something with the extra adventures many DMs used for the STAP, e.g. Torrents of dread and Tammeraut's fate. In both cases there is evil to be defeated and there are people to be helped/rescued.
Also TOD (the Farshore setting) has a lot of ideas for extra quests, e.g. the eighth Olman village.

Thanks for the advice, I'll go look up the other adventures and see what I think will fit. I've got plenty of time to think it over.

I'm liking the idea of getting him to follow the dogma however, he's already technically ticked off the 'Duty to a Lady' one by following Lavinia and saving her in BWG.

Maybe I can get him to demonstrate to Heironeous how he's done the other two.

Going to make it worth his while too... I'm trying to setup him getting a minor artifact holy avenger for EoME and PoD.

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