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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder agents working with trainees?

Scenario Submission Talk

*** Venture-Agent, Tennessee—Kingsport aka RainyDayNinja

I'm brainstorming more ideas for quest submissions, and one involves the PCs interacting with Pathfinders-in-training. Would it be reasonable for Pathfinders to work with trainees as guest lecturers, supervisors in the dormitory, etc.?

Liberty's Edge

That sounds kind of interesting.
Mysterious Death in the Dormitory :D

Grand Lodge ****

Sounds cool. I think they'd definitely do something like that. After all, Pathfinders need some education in order to get their skill ranks/caster level ranks higher after every third adventure.


RDN: You many want to take a look at:

The Sanos Abduction

as it's a season 4 scenario that has some Pathfinders in training.

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