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Beginner Box

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Greetings all from Belgium. I have the beginner box now for a week and it is such a wonderful product.
I have the Pathfinder core rulebook since it was available in Belgium and find it difficult to grasp the rules since it is so big, it doesn't help that I collected a few more core game books.
Years back when I played that "other" RPG seems that I had a lot more time on hands to read and learn rules.
The beginner box makes it a lot more approachable and allows me to enjoy GM'ing without making a huge time commitment.
Eventually I will get to use the Big Books.

Hello from the Antipodes. The Beginner Box is great, isn't it. My 14 y.o. daughter finds it easy enough to use as a GM, so that is a good sign. I've been getting a lot of enjoyment from the BB, even after years of owning and using the CRB.

Nice to have your kid starting so young. My daughter is eight and still a bit too young. The language is also a barrier.
I hook her sometimes in games I do with friends, without explaining rules and just letting her roll the dice.
But she loves to paint miniatures

I got the BB for my 12 yo daughter who successfully ran a few games. She decided she preferred being a player, but one of her friends is using it to run the game now. A great intro for younger gamers!

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I bought it for my ten year old daughter, she loves it. She's made herself a universal wizard and is doing great so far.

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