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Wasn't sure what section to put this in but...

Is there any particular order to the Pathfinder books? Can anyone make a particular recommendation? I'm looking for a new book to read and I figure it might help with my prep for DMing. Thanks.

I feel silly having posted this in the wrong section and on a question that could be answered with, "just read the reviews."

Although the reviews seem wildly different depending on the source (amazon, goodreads, etc.), Death's Heretic seems like a solid choice, that's what I'm going with.


If you want the chronology for the fiction, it was mostly done in this thread a while back. The nutshell version is that everything has been written to be read stand alone, but there are some continuing series. Dave Gross's Varian & Radovan stories, for example, do have a chronological order to both the shorter works and the novels. Whenever a novel comes out, in addition to a sample chapter, there's also usually a sequel or prequel featuring the same characters as part of the weekly web fiction. Those you can read for free. Some of the characters also star in the six-chapter novellas serialized in the adventure path fiction, but also collected for sale as illustrated epubs.


I should sit down and update that chronology thread at some point. There are some additions that should be made.


Updated the list.


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