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Have you ever had weird geeky moments where you say or think things in game terms?

I was at a court hearing where my boyfriend was trying to get out of a traffic ticket. And I found myself making a RAW versus RAI argument about the traffic law. You know stop signs by RAI are intended merely to prevent collisions in the intersection. Since he didn't come to a complete stop he was violating RAW. BUT since there were clearly no other cars in the intersection then he wasn't violating RAI because no collision was possible... Yeah, the judge looked at me like I was a freak too. But it got me wondering if other people had similar experiences.

Grand Lodge

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I wooed my wife with D&D references. You know, 'failed my save against your charm' kind of thing.

Shadow Lodge

I say 'hold portal' when approaching green traffic lights.

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My first thought when reading a vehicle description that says "AC" is not "air conditioning."

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I'm constantly speculating on the alignments of people and organizations, based on their behavior.

Whenever I mess something up, I regularly mutter "failed my <appropriate skill> check."

I often wish that I could cast a particular spell at odd moments (e.g. When I can't find my keys, I want to be able to cast locate object; or throw a lightning bolt at the jerk who cut me off in traffic).

My first thought when reading all the recent work emails about "DR" isn't "disaster recovery"...

Every letter from the Department of Energy that I read that describes work taking place at a D&D site, gets me excited.

Scarab Sages

Yeah, I make quips about things in real life in game terms all the time. Like failing a Dex check when I drop something, or that I'm currently suffering Con damage (until this zarking cold goes away...), or wishing I had two Int points to rub together when I do something dumb. 8^)

This is a common occurrence amongst gamers, going back decades. We have always asked each other which characters from which comic books could take which movie characters in a fight. We have always statted out characters from literature and history (and made them fight, too!).

We have always called out the names of spells when watching movies and TV shows that had magic in them. We have always joked about failing saving throws when something goes wrong for us, or for our friends.

When we've succeeded, we've "rolled a 20," when we've failed, we've "rolled a 1."

When we talk about how strong an Olympic weight lifter is, we usually eventually devolve into game statistics. Same for football players. Same for how smart Einstein was. Or how high Elvis' Charisma was.

Short answer: yes, the rest of us do that, too, and in my experience, it would be an easier question to ask if there are any gamers who DON'T do that. I've never known one, not even casual gamers, who has not made some similar comparison or quip.

And now, you even have characters on popular shows like The Big Bang Theory making such comparisons.

I think about taking fort saves when eating bad food I think that may upset my stomach.

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Mr. Nepherti and his friends start shoving each other in WalMart and screaming in Orc voices about who is really mucking a about.

Youse muckin' about!!!
No! YOUSE muckin',about!!!

If I did something well, I'll usually exclaim "I rolled a 20 on that!" Or if I flub something bad, I'll mutter" Damn, rolled a 1 that time" or something to that effect.

Dark Archive

Whilst having a minor disagreement with my wife, she exclaimed "I don't believe this!" my answer of "Roll a D20 you want high!" did little to calm the situation...

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My wife sometimes says I've cast "Freezing touch" on my feet when they wander over to her side of the bed.

I tell her there's no such spell.

She says there is a couch.

I houserule it and move my feet back to my side.

My estrogen unit goes into nag mode about dribbles on the lavatory seat.

My reply, foolish mortal that I am, is generally, "Have you seen the THAC0 on that thing?"

Have a friend of mine who like to eat those little chinese donuts in the restraunt like 'Jerry' (Lou Gosset) in Enemy Mine. Friggin' hilarious every time.

Failed saves/skill check references are common, as are Nat20s and botches.

When my Bag of Holding was delivered to my workplace...

Well it's good to know that others share in this trend.

TOZ, is she a gamer too?

Grand Lodge

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Aranna wrote:
TOZ, is she a gamer too?

She's been rolling dice longer than I have.

We had at least ten duplicates when we put our video game collections together.

I joined the Kickstarter for the Reaper Bones minis because she wanted the dragons.

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