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Logistics for PbP Chronicles

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion


Hey everyone. I'm currently running a PbP that is nearing its end. I am personally very tight with all the players, but we're hundreds of miles apart.

I'm wondering what others do for their ARs after the scenario. Mailing back and forth seems cumbersome. I was thinking of scanning a completed sheet and e-mailing it. But before I get that far, I thought I'd see what others do.


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I scan the chronicles and e-mail them once the adventure is completed. I fill in only the GM required fields and leave any player fillable fields blank.

I do see the players in person upon occassion so I hand them the originals when I do see them. I expect mailing would work too.


I don't do PbP, but when I play with a VTT, the procedure for chrinicles would be the same.

What I do is virtually print the chronicle sheet as a new PDF and fill it out in photoshop before emailing it to the players. This is perfect for me, since I don't have a scanner.

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I mail mine. I bought the "forever" stamps when they were 40 cents, times 7.


1970Zombie wrote:
I scan the chronicles and e-mail them once the adventure is completed. I fill in only the GM required fields and leave any player fillable fields blank.


I fill them out by hand. I don't like the digital signature thing.


Cool thanks. I'll likely fill by hand (all the DM parts) and then scan/email.

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I print one sheet, fill in the generic details by hand, scan it, and then fill in the PC-specific details in Irfanview, before uploading it to Dropbox. I end up with something like this.


I extract them from the PDFs using pdftops -eps then load them into libreoffice draw (or Inkscape if I've got a lot of time), then fill in the required fields and extract as PDF. I upload them to my website, and also offer to sign and mail them.

The end result looks like this

It's interesting to note that mailing two chronicle sheets costs more than a chronicle. But that's what you get when you're mailing things 6000km.

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