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Of Orcs & Men

Anyone played this?

Looks like a fun idea at least. A fantasy game where humans are the bad guys. Looked at some of the reviews and videos and looks decent. Anyone got hands on experience?

Thanks for the post - first time I heard of this game. Getting a strong Warhammer vibe from the visuals - which is a good thing to me.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules Subscriber
Lochmonster wrote:

Of Orcs & Men

Anyone played this?

Looks like a fun idea at least. A fantasy game where humans are the bad guys.

I want to be excited about this, I really do.

To those that played it, is the plot serious(yes plz) or farcical(plz no) about having orcs in the hero role? Are the characters and plot actually engaging?

edit-Man, those guys are way more HULK that I'd prefer, but if the rest of the game is good...

Playing it now, it's pretty great, the combat system is a little different, a little more mature content, language mostly so far. The story is serious, basically the humans have been slowly enslaving all the orcs over the last few decades, you are one of the last of an elite warrior class trying to avenge your race.

Scarab Sages

+ The combat is fun and challenging, story is good, dialogue is great.
- The game is strictly linear and not very long.

Sovereign Court

Got bored to tears...

Scarab Sages

I admit expositions and battles taking turn after turn can get a bit tedious. I would recommend the game, but only on a price tag below $20 and only if it isn't the only game you intend to play for a while.

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