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Incorporeal Spellcasters and Spell Components

Rules Questions

The Exchange

There may be something I missed, but if a spellcaster becomes a ghost (or otherwise becomes incorporeal)....

....can they cast spells that require material components?

I know that they are essentially "stuck" with the last set of spells they memorized/prayed for before they died. Did their spell components become part of their ghostly self and would they be rejuvenated?

Grand Lodge

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It makes sense that they would. I would expect a ghostly warrior to still have his armor and weapons. Why not a spellcaster?

Really, though, this question belongs in the Rules Questions forum rather than the PFS forum.

The Exchange

oops, you're right.. it got moved... like MAGIC!

would they be able to cast those spells just once? spell components are essentially used up after they are consumed (like a potion or a scroll) and basically turn into nothingness by the energies used to create the spell effect.

So how could a spellcaster's ghost cast spells that require material components more than once after dying?

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In all seriousness, you're over thinking this. Ghosts rejuvenate when destroyed and thus would probably "reset" everyday. So there's your answer.

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