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Assimilation Alien Host Kickstarter



Ed Fortae, of Troll Forged Miniatures, is looking to expand his trollcast minis with some alien critters. The prices are pretty darn enticing, and he has a series of inexpensive scenic bases in the mix as well.

$10 gets you 20 x 25mm bases
$15 gets you 8 x 40mm bases
$25 gets you both of the aboves

Most of the higher level minis pledges just involve getting hordes of the low level stuff, but as stretch goals get unlocked, they become available as add-ons for any pledge level as well as adding some bigger, badder things to the upper pledge tiers.

Definitely worth checking out, even if you only want some nice, cheap bases.

Additional, Ed Fortae has now added a new stipulation to the campaign. The first 200 pledges (there are 110 now) get either 5 free bases or 1 free worm grub. $10 for 25 x 25mm scenic bases is a pretty good deal!

That is great news, glad I backed it this morning.


This Kickstarter is starting to look like a really good deal considering its pace and those stretch goals. If it reaches the final stretch goal at $33K (and I think it will), a Host level pledge for only $50 will get you the following horde of aliens, which could easily be used as aberrations in fantasy or funky cthulhuid monsters:

13 Grubs
8 Swarm adults
6 Hosts
1 Hound
1 Flyer
1 Queen (a big mini!)
1 Wyrm (another biggie; 4-5 inches tall!)
1 Fiend (5-6 inches tall!)
3 Swarm adult warriors
1 Limited edition Grub
1 Limited edition Host

That's a lot of stuff for 50 bucks!
Also, a new faction has been added; the Alien Hunters that you can add to you pledge (1 for $3, 15 for $29 or 30 for $40). They're futuristic badass soldiers and are looking pretty good, check em out!

Yeah, I was looking at just the bases. But these models are too cool and reasonably priced to pass up.

Stretch goal #3 at $18K has now been passed; this means the Alien Queen is available as an add-on for $15. It is also included for free in the highest level pledge (the 'Queen level', duh!) and will be freely included in more pledge levels as further stretch goals are achieved.

Also, the Alien Hunters are now available in six different poses instead of three.

With 9 days to go, this Kickstarter is moving along at a good pace!

And that dreadnought/robot looks really interesting too.

And to think I first thought of just backing it to use the amazing bases for the Reaper mini's.

That's what happened to me too. I was in for $20 worth of bases. Now I'm in for $110 worth of minis and bases. Dat dreadnought.

I know the dreadnought with extra arms looks tempting. But then so does the extra men...

Yay, another couple of Stretch goals made! And a free egg, for the face-huggers to jump from.

Wow, this is getting really loaded, with 33 models for $50 including a number of large ones.

And next target will give even more bases for those that just want to give their Reaper mini's fancy bases.

Yup, stretch goal #5 at $24,000 was just achieved, meaning that the Fiend, a massive abomination measuring 5-6 inches is available!

And this stretch goal also unlocked that deal with the bases mentioned by DSXMachina:

Also at this stage I'll allow the host level to replace all their slotta bases with decorative bases for $25, swarm level can do the same for $30, and queen level for $35. That will be a ton of extra bases cheaper than the base pledges.

If you have a Queen pledge you can get scenic bases for all your minis for $35. At the moment, that's 96 bases, and it will rise to 114 bases if we go through all the remaining stretch goals all the way up to $36,000. That's a lot of bases... and as suggested by DSXMachina, I actually plan to get them in the dungeon tile/flagstone variant and use them for my Reaper Bones. :)

I am still amazed at the great photo's of his Works In Progress. Not just great sketches like Reaper of others but actual prototypes. And he alters them based upon comments, this is what KickStarters should be fans & artists working together.

I've said it there, and I'll say it here. Ed is made for this type of process. I hope he does another one next year, like he says he will, because this has been a wonderful collaboration between artist and fans/backers and it's amazing just how often he updates us on progress! It's like every other day we get at least 1 update, sometimes 2 a day! And it shows in his kicktraq progress. He had a short lull at the start, and then his updates kept coming in, the art kept coming in, and he never had a middle-of-the-campaign lull like others get! He seems to be only gathering more and more steam.

Yeah, I hope that it carries on getting more and more backers. And that he gets the recognition he deserves; although he does seem to be busy.

(as well as of course us getting more and more mini's)

So now every backer getting a reward gets a free alien hive egg base added on.

Here is the update

The drone concept art also looks amazing! It's a great Tervigon substitute. I can't wait to see the Overlord concept from Des now!

Alright, stretch goal #6 at $27,000 has been achieved and this is where the Host level pledge for $50 is starting to turn into an amazing deal (as I posted upthread).

Less than three days to go now, I really hope we can make the last three stretch goals (which will be especially nice for the Queen level pledge with two enormous minis and a bunch of other stuff added for free).

Also waiting for the Overlord/Cthulhu concept art... I anticipate that to be a big hit.

Wow. Okay, the Overlord art is NUTS. This guy will be a $30 add-on, $45 pledge level by himself, and is between 6-8 inches tall on a 120mm base.

Here's a link to the art

There are 3 head options to choose from, 1 is the most classic Cthulhu, the other two become more alien with the head crest and one of those has no eyes. Mean motha!

Mean motha indeed! I like the classic Cthulhu the best; me wants one!

I think one of the most amazing things with this Kickstarter is how generous it is on trading in minis that you don't want. Say you're not that in to aliens, but you love Lovecraftian slime (who doesn't?). You could pick up a Host level pledge for $50, trade in everything but the Host minis, and use that cash to get Cthulhu and more Hosts... you'd end up with a 6-8 inch Cthulhu and more than 100 mindless drones... for $50... Pretty cool. :-)

Oh, we do need to get to $36,000 where Cthulhu is unlocked, though.

OK, strike that last part, there was just an update; Cthulhu is available now for $45, but he will be $30 (and free for Queen level pledges) if/when we reach $36,000.

This sucker just blasted through stretch goal #7 at $30,000; and that creepy Stealth swarm adult is now part of the deal! Also, a sweet bundle deal with two dreadnoughts and all the arm options for $45 is now available.

A Fiend is now included in the Host level pledge ($50), making it a crazy good deal. A Queen level pledge ($200) is also very nice if you want a lot of stuff, and will especially benefit from the next two stretch goals as both a Drone (at $33,000) and an Overlord/Cthulhu (at $36,000) will be included for free in the pledge (and these are both enormous minis on 120mm bases).

Only 41 hours to go and its picking up steam!

BTW, the Troll Forged Miniatures blog blog has a handy table showing what's presently included in the Host, Swarm and Queen level pledges, and the current add-on price for all the miniatures (updated as further stretch goals are achieved).

Well we've smashed through the $33K stretch goal, are less than $500 away from the Overlord/Cthulhu at $36K, and have new stretch goals (for HUGE) minis at $38K and $40K.

This Kickstarter just went crazy, with only 16 hours to go it'll be really exciting to see how far we get!

So you can trade in all the mini's but hosts....

Sorry trying to work out how much to up my pledge by.

DSXMachina wrote:

So you can trade in all the mini's but hosts....

Sorry trying to work out how much to up my pledge by.

Just to clarify; it's not the host miniatures that are restricted, its the Host pledge level (not sure if that's what you meant). There's also been a further restriction on trading; this is to prevent people from, for example, instead of getting 2 dreadnoughts for $45 picking up a Host level pledge for $50 and trading all of it in for 6 (!) dreadnoughts. This is totally reasonable, I think. Here's the announcement:

TFM wrote:
Ok, ok. Due to trade in abuse I'm adding the 1/2 a pledge trade value only. This means you can only trade 1/2 the value of the pledge in to swap items. Many of you are not abusing this but a few want to and it's not fair to limit the host pledge but also abuses the trade in values. You can still stack pledges and various items trade etc. but you can't take more than 1/2 of a single pledge and trade it in for something different. It's getting out of hand at that point. I still want the values to be there for you but also can't get ripped off with a loop hole out of generosity. If your pledging $700 or more, and some are, your going to have no problem any way it goes but your not going to be able to drop in get one host and trade for $200 worth of other stuff now. It's just something well beyond what the pledge was aimed for. I'm sorry but I had to add this, it's a shame but people always look to abuse any weakness.

What do you want to get; perhaps I can help you work it out.

Thanks, I was thinking some bases, maybe a Dreadnought, some of the Hunter Troopers & at a minimum the Host pledge. I will be an International shipper so there's that to consider.

Currently, I am in the first 200 pledgers too. So I was thinking 5 extra bases.

Ideally I wouldn't want to go much past Queen.

I'm also in that one, it's a great deal!
I'm in for Double Swarm, which will beat the value of Queen when we hit 40K later today. I'll trade in some grubs and hosts and get me the Overlord which is 'Queen only'.
Brilliant deal, I recommend everyone to check it out. If you're limited on funds, Host level (50 bucks) is the way to go, that deal is just insane for that amount of dollars!
This is a summary of what you are getting at each level:

Check it out :-)

DSXMachina wrote:

Thanks, I was thinking some bases, maybe a Dreadnought, some of the Hunter Troopers & at a minimum the Host pledge. I will be an International shipper so there's that to consider.

Currently, I am in the first 200 pledgers too. So I was thinking 5 extra bases.

Ideally I wouldn't want to go much past Queen.

Well, I'd start by figuring out how many of the aliens you want, and pick a Host, Swarm or Queen pledge as your base (use the link provided by Philip above to see what you'll currently be getting for these levels - there are also two more stretch goals coming up which will add stuff to Swarm and Queen, but not Host). These are all good deals!

For bases, there is a deal from stretch goal #5 where you can get bases for all the minis in your Host/Swarm/Queen pledge for $25/$30/$35. Again, check the link above for how many minis (i.e. bases) you'd get; but if you have one of these three pledge levels, I think this will be your best deal for bases. Otherwise you can just tack on the pledge levels for bases from the left of the Kickstarter main page (for example, 20 25mm bases for $10). But each of these added pledge levels would also add $2 international shipping (again, check that link for info on international shipping; every *pledge level* above the most expensive one adds $2, but there's no extra charge for pure add-ons like the dreadnought).

For dreadnoughts and hunters, you can just add them onto your pledge - check that link again for costs! You are allowed to trade out stuff that you don't want to get these, but you can't go crazy with it (not more than half the value of your original pledge traded away). Alternatively, if you want a lot of this stuff, there is a new pledge level for $105 which gives you 2 dreadnoughts and a buttload of hunters - check it out on the main page of the Kickstarter. You could add this on to your other pledge.

One example for you could be:
$50 Host level pledge
$25 Decorative bases for those minis
$25 Dreadnought (or $45 for two dreadnoughts)
$29 15 Alien hunters
$3 1 Heavy weapon alien hunter
International shipping would be $8 (for the Host pledge)
Total pledge: $140
(If there is stuff in that Host pledge that you really don't want you can trade it out to lower your total a bit.)

I don't know if this was at all helpful, ask again if anything is unclear!

Alright, we've hit the $36K and $38K stretch goals; the $40K goal is next, and a new one at $42K was just added (described as hound on steroids...)!!!

Nine hours to go!

Woot. Thanks Trodax for the breakdown. I might just go for Swarm & upgrade the bases and swap stuff out.

DSXMachina wrote:
Woot. Thanks Trodax for the breakdown. I might just go for Swarm & upgrade the bases and swap stuff out.

Cheers mate! Swarm is looking to be a really awesome deal with all the latest stretch goals adding heaps of stuff. Just remember the $10 for international shipping!

Trading has also become a bit more restricted than it originally was, so the maximum amount of minis you can trade away is equal to half of the original value of the pledge. For a Swarm pledge that's $55; enough to get you a dreadnought and some hunters, though.

Yeah, cool.

And for everyone. If they hit $44k - which they will it's 40 medium bases and 8 large & 15 bonus medium. for only $25

EDIT: They hit the target, plus you also get a grub mini, an Egg mini & a Egg/worm base.

My word, 75 Bases for $25 & 8 Large if they hit $50k.

This Kickstarter turned ballistic! So much fun, I wonder if we'll make $50K in the last three hours here; that would mean power armored alien hunters... Who knows?!

By miles.... wow still over an hour to go and so much stuff! I certainly made the correct choice upgrading my pledge.

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