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Gm Dawn of the Scarlet Sun

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Spain—Madrid

If you GM Dawn of the Scarlet Sun you get absolutely ALL items of the chronicle?

Grand Lodge *****

You don't *get* them, but you do get *access* to them, and can buy them if you want them. You also get full gold and prestige for the level your character is (the one you are applying the Chronicle to).

Dark Archive *****

No you get all the items on the left side and then the PCs get to pick a extra item off of the right side if they slay the boss.

Shadow Lodge *** Venture-Captain, California—San Francisco Bay Area South aka JohnF

To expand slightly and summarize (and to avoid misunderstandings):

The first entry on the chronicle sheet depends on a certain condition being met; if that is not the case, simply cross off that entry.

There is no such condition on the second entry - everybody gets it. For the remaining items:

Each player, and the GM, gets a chronicle with all the items in the left column, and one item from the right column. The choice of which item to pick from the right column can be different for different players (including the GM), but the choice must be made at the time the chronicle is handed out.

Edit - left this off: And, like all chronicles, they merely grant access to items. If you want the items, you still have to purchase them.


I contend that the GM should get the first item only if the party doesn't, and vice versa. ;p


Keep in mind that with the Free RPG Day Modules (including Dawn of the Scarlet Sun), players and GMs only receive 1 Prestige Point.


If we are talking about the boons at the top and not the items, please keep in mind:

4.2 Guide:
The GM may select any special boons bestowed by a Chronicle sheet, such as free magical treasure, regional boons, or future bonus die rolls.

Meaning you may cross off any boons you don't want.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Spain—Madrid

Ok, thank you everyone for your answers.

But now I have a new question:

Can I choose an item of the right column even if the PCs don´t slay the boss?

The Exchange ***** RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16


Put in broad terms, the bonuses of GM credit never depend on the particular success or failure of the party during the instance of play. The GM has no dog in the fight. (Patrick posts amusing, light-hearted comments, but he has a habit of posting deliberately unhelpful "advice".)

For that matter, if the party get their butts kicked and leave the adventure before earning an experience point, the GM still gets full value on her GM-credit Chronicle.


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Correct. You could say the GM gets the chronicle when he begins the scenario rather than the end.

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