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New scenarios too difficult?

Pathfinder Society® General Discussion

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Erick Wilson wrote:
"I choose not to believe you" is an indirect way of saying "you are lying,"
It's actually a very direct way of saying I choose not to believe what you are saying regardless of whether or not you are in fact being truthful.
Erick Wilson wrote:
It is inaccurate, however, in a discussion about encounter difficulty, to characterize all players who find the encounters too difficult as the #1 type players you mention above, as your earlier post did.

I never once said that players who scenarios too difficult fit the #1 example I provided. Please don't misrepresent my statements.

The scenario design requirements authors receive and follow already provide "an official difficulty-standard" for PFS scenarios. The problem with this has already been discussed at length in this very thread.

A) Not all CR X creatures are created equal. CR is not a perfect (or good for that matter) measure of a creature's difficulty in every situation.

B) Variation in party composition, PC optimization and player's tactical awareness have a large impact on whether or not a given encounter is difficult.

C) I have proposed that GM style and competence is the leading factor on encounter difficulty (more than players or scenario). Of course this is only from my experience and has never been presented as a fact.

Paizo Employee ** Developer

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K, we're done.

Thanks for the feedback provided, but arguments like this don't help anyone provide a better experience for players and GMs in the campaign.

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