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Leadershp feat taken by cohort?

Rules Questions

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I thought I recalled seeing something that said that a cohort cannot take the Leadership feat, but I recently took a look at the rules and found no direct statement to that effect.

I can think of several reasons why it might be undesirable (from the point of view of player or DM) to have a cohort recruit a cohort and followers of his own, but my question is whether there is any specific rule addressing that topic.

The situation I am dealing with involves an NPC who has become attached to our party. That NPC originally befriended my PC's cohort, so there is already a bond of sorts between the two. I was originally thinking of having my PC take the Extra Cohort 3rd party feat, but then it struck me that having my cohort take the Leadership feat would be a more natural solution if it is allowed.

Either way, the 2nd cohort would be limited to 4 levels below my PC's level barring the use of 3.5 or 3rd party material.

So -- is there any reason that a cohort cannot take the Leadership feat?

They can take it.

See this for the extreme case.

Remember folks, "can" does not mean "should".

It's up to the GM if you can or not.

Liberty's Edge

Well technically the math isn't your PC level -4, it's your cohorts level -2(max), as your cohort may not always be -2 levels from your level.

The cohort's cohort is not 'your' cohort, so it'll end up using your cohorts leadership score, not yours.

But if your cohort qualifies for it, ya it's a legal feat to have. GMs usually give you the eye of death when you try to do these kind of things though so expect him to find a particular rule to really give it back to you 3 fold.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Maps, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

I am not worried about the DM -- he is already trying to treat the NPC as a 2nd cohort of mine even though I have not so far taken any feat to bind that NPC to me. I mentioned that I might take Extra Cohort when my PC next gains a level in order to accommodate this extra NPC if we cannot find a way to send her home before then (since I actually have better things to do with my next feat if I have an alternative).

That is why it occurred to me that having my cohort take the Leadership feat would make more sense -- the main personal bond with the party that the NPC has is via my cohort, and my cohort can more easily spare the feat slot.

At least I have good reason not to worry about the feat chain going further -- my PC is a summoner with high charisma, and his cohort is an oracle with relatively high charisma, but the NPC who would be the cohort's cohort is a wild rager barbarian with very low charisma.

Liberty's Edge

if your GM has no issue with it, there's really no problem.

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