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What do you do with unlimited wishes, but nothing else?


Hypothetically lets say your high level character invests all his/her resources getting unlimited wishes. The "how" isnt relevant. Just roll with it.

So now you're 20th level and have no gear. What can you do with just wishes ahead of time to prepare?
In 3.5 wish stated that you could make magic items of less than 25K gp, but I don't think that carried over.

My initial thoughts are to use fabricate to make mundane versions of gear you might need.

Perhaps some long duration buffs from multiple classes.

Could you use a wish to duplicate a permanency effect (including the needed diamond dust)?

What would you do?

Dark Archive RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

I would set up shop to sell my spellcasting services to other adventurers in a major city, legitimately claiming that I can duplicate any spell of 7th level or lower (including material-component-free resurrection and restoration!!!). Undercut the local competition by 10%. Profit.

Once I amassed a ridiculous amount of wealth, I would then arrange for replacement gear to be custom-made to my specifications (assuming I couldn't just make it myself). This, of course, would only matter if I planned to adventure again.

In all honesty, a character who loopholes his way into infinite wishes should become an NPC.

Scarab Sages

Retire to a quiet life of obscurity in a small village. A village that will never know war, natural disaster, or hardship.

Maybe I'll be a farmer or own the local pub.

Who cares about gear when you effectively have infinite spellcasting abilities? You can cast nearly every spell in existence, and you can do so any number of times a day; next step, godhood.

Also, you could start an inter-planar taxi service, since you can transport your level in creatures from anywhere on any plane to anywhere on any plane.

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Wish a bunch of 10th level characters dead, take their stuff.

Wish a bunch of 12th level characters dead, take their stuff.

You get the picture.

Assuming Golarion: Take the test of the starstone.

Power is addictive. Once you're running around wishing away your problems, what is there to do? Live a cushy life of luxury is the simplest answer, if you're unambitious. You could become a ruler, benevolent or otherwise, depending on your morality. Apart from the Starstone, I can't think of a way to ascend to godhood through wishes.

Realistically, even though it only allows you to reproduce up to 7th level spells, you could use that unlimited wishing ability to somehow gain access to anything, even 9th level spell effects. So interplanetary and planar travel as was suggested is a good idea if you want to live a life that somewhat resembles that of Doctor Strange.

Create your own demi-plane that is a personal paradise, make time move at different rate within it so that you never age (or age so slowly as to make you effectively immortal). Invite your closest friends and family to hang out for eternity doing awesome stuff; grow bored after a thousand years and start killing everyone off in an attempt to feel emotions again, like sadness and regret (though you won't because you've been sick of Timmy's BS for the past 364 years and you can't help but delight in his screaming).

There are all kinds of options.

I'm pretty sure if you have an umlimited amound of wishes, you are actually a god already. The best thing they do is grant wishes.

Oh and I would wish for experience and to be where there is lots of gold, perhaps I will even wish to get everything I deserve.

No seriously, the campaign is probably at an end there. There is an infinity of infinite money schemes, and nothing more to do.

If I had a player with a character possessing infinite wishes, I would wish to never have such a player in my group, or just play a low magic magic game where wishes didn't work.

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I'm pretty sure the OP just wants this to be a thought exercise, not a "this would be broken" or "I don't want this to happen at my table" discussion.

It's a common misconception on the internet: someone's trying to entertain an idea without having plans for it? LOL Nope!

Richard Leonhart wrote:
...perhaps I will even wish to get everything I deserve.

Thereby ensuring your resurrection-less death, the destruction of your life's work, the eternal humiliation of your family line, and the continuation of the game.

In my experience, these things have a tendency to work themselves out.

Foghammer wrote:

I'm pretty sure the OP just wants this to be a thought exercise, not a "this would be broken" or "I don't want this to happen at my table" discussion.

It's a common misconception on the internet: someone's trying to entertain an idea without having plans for it? LOL Nope!

This. It's just a thought exercise. I was thinking more along the lines of playing a character an not if I had infinite wishes IRL.

If I had infinite wishes IRL then I would be on the news A LOT.

I would start construction of an awesome city. with a outer wall a few miles away from an inner wall (wherein lies the city) that I would fill with perfectly manicured forests, ponds, streams. Then the city would take days to think out. Once there, and wish preserved, open the doors and let the money come to you.

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