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Atlas Shrugged Part 2


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Liberty's Edge

Here's the quote, by the way:

"Rand can be hard to reconcile: there's a lot she says (through her characters; with respect to her fictive works) that is absolutely spot-on, so patently American in ideal that it's almost un-Amewrican [sic] to disagree (neat irony there); but equally as much absurdity comes from her work, and those absurdities unequally burden the whole body."

iPhone-typing misspelled 'American'; my apologies there.

In context, with the larger conversation going on several posts back, I was arguing that some of Rand's ideas are almost stereotypically American. As I note in the above quote, there's a lot of garbage to sift through for the pearls.

I suppose I can only fault myself (Andrew, you dumb-ass--what the hell did you expect?), but this thread was never intended to piss anyone off or start arguments:

I only wondered if anyone had seen the new film, and what they thought of it.

So far, not a single respondent has actually seen the damned movie.

I feel like I asked my favorite question: Hey, what's your favorite way to eat eggs?

And everyone responded with all the reasons eggs suck.

Liberty's Edge

You're right, of course, and I feel I must apologize for my previous wall of text. Anything involving Ayn Rand is going to be a touchy subject, though, considering the relevence of her ideas to current American politics. I'd expect much the same reaction if I were to start a thread asking people what they thought of a new Michael Moore film, or the like.

Eggs? Don't get me started on eggs...

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

In Short, Atlas Shrugged is a cautionary tale warning us that unless we stop beating our beloved Producers with regulations, they are going to go Galt on us and take their toys elsewhere.

It's a bit late for that warning though. Thanks to deregulation and actual incentives given to them to do so, they already did during the last couple of decades by taking industry over to the lands of cheap and slave labor.

Not to mention the ones in the last few years that have given up their U.S. citizenship.

Son of the Veterinarian wrote:
Andrew Turner wrote:

Wow--a lot of bad vibes here. I only wondered if anyone had seen it and whether or not they liked it.

Sounds like none of the posters have seen it, but some have decided it sucks as a matter of course.

Admittedly, I haven't seen it, but it's still hard not to be snarky "since this does not line up with my personal geo-political views"

You just want to shake people on the Right sometimes and yell, "you do realize that this book is 'opposing my personal political views and therefore you are RONG'!!!?"

Say what you really mean :D

Liberty's Edge

Just saw this movie, finally, last night...

In a word: awful.

Silver Crusade

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Now hopefully Ayn Rand will leave the Art Deco appropriation to people that will use it responsibly.

Like Batman.

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Vive le Galt!

Just found this thread. Yes, I've seen it.. and read the book. Both were awful, but the movie was awful in new and exciting ways.

The "one big mistake" was Rand herself. The only way to turn her dreck into a decent movie would be to jettison the underlying messages and focus on a simple "one man can make a difference against the Powers That Be" theme, which the backers obviously wouldn't stand for.

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