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Website Feedback

I have noticed that a lot of our community is posting up links to kickstarters here. Some of which I would have loved to have seen before they were funded. Is there any way at all we could get a subforum for them so they can all be in one place for those of us who want to look at them?? Thank you for your time and hard work Paizo crew.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

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We're not going to create a specific subforum for Kickstarters, partly because any project of interest to people at Paizo most likely already has an appropriate subforum where it should most easily catch the attention of the people who care: third party products, miniatures, technology, music, etc.

Varin, there is at least one Facebook group dedicated to the various crowdfunding sites and the numerous games funding themselves through them.

RPG Kickstarter news should take you to their Facebook page.

Between that page, and all of the various posts that circulate around the various forums, you can keep track of the a decent amount of the projects going on.

Okay and thank you.

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