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1st / 2nd Dec in NW England / NE Wales - judging interest

Local Play

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

On behalf of Chester Games Club, I'm looking at organising a small-scale RPG/CCG/board game event near Chester, UK on 1st and/or 2nd December 2012. Obviously Pathfinder Society is on the agenda, but I'm trying to get some idea of interest, as I've no idea if we'll attract 5 PFS players or 50.

Would you be interested in attending such an event?

Would you be interested in playing PFS at such an event?

Would you be interested in GMing PFS at such an event?

Any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask. I'll post a 'proper' event and announcement thread once a few more details are confirmed.

I'm aware this is the same weekend as Dragonmeet, but I'm hoping that being 200 miles away from London will work in our favour...

Dark Archive

I am interested in attending and GMing at least one day, possibly two.

Yup, Dragonmeet is too far for one day. Its not long after Crispycon either, but again a long distance away.

The North West needs a convention with PFS in it. The Warrington meetup group isn't far away, and Liverpool and Manchester are easily commutable. With an advert on here, ukroleplayers, paizoconuk, meetup and games shops (eg fan boy three) you should get a few.

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Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

Excellent; thanks for the tips on other places to advertise. I'm hoping to get the venue confirmed within the next few days, and will post in earnest once that's done.

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Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Have you posted on You may find interest there.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Modules Subscriber

The venue is now confirmed for 1st/2nd Dec; I will post more soon.

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