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Quick Question About Versatile Performer / Haunting Refrain

Rules Questions

I think I know the answer, but I want to be absolutely sure and have the answer out there to show my GM in case he disagrees with me:

When you use Versatile Performer (or the Dirge Bard's Haunting Refrain) to roll an instrument-based Perform check in place of some other skill, do you need to actually play the instrument in question?

Specific example:

If I use Haunting Refrain to demoralize someone, do I need to be sitting at a piano to roll Perform(Keyboards) instead of Intimidate?

No. You use the bonuses associated with that perform skill in place of the bonuses usually associated with that skill, but you're not actually using that perform skill. It would make for a pretty crippling tell if every lie you told was in song.

You don't actually Perform to use versatile performance, you simply use those total ranks for your bluff check or whatever.

Also, here's a James Jacobs response that answers a likely follow-up question about what skill bonuses get taken into account.

Thanks, I pretty much knew that was the answer, but it was great to have others proclaim it and have a link from James Jacobs, just in case I hear, "You can't demoralize them without a piano."

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