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Jurassic Park 4


The Exchange

So The UN has outlawed the mining, possession and trade of Amber and has a plan to exterminate the Dinosaurs on Isla Sorna and the other Islands. A mercenary - the guy that Hammond's son was going to give the phony shaving cream tin used to store genetic samples of stolen dinoDNA in Jurassic Park - finds the shaving cream tin...


Shadow Lodge

... there was a 3?

Yeah #3 was about the rescue of a child lost on the island.

I think he was being sarcastic. ;)

I'm not being sarcastic when I say that I had no idea there was a 3.

Shadow Lodge

No sarcasm intended. Like Aaron I was completely unaware there was anything beyond 1 and 2.

I'm guessing it was direct-to-DVD.

nope. Theater release. They brought back the main guy from the first one but lost Jeff Goldblum, if I'm remembering correctly.

It was kind of a non-event, though.

Nope, it made it to the theater, just made less than 1/2 of what each other two did.

Sorry for assuming you were being sarcastic. ;)

Premise of JP3. Kid and mom's boyfriend are parasailing around the island trying to see some dinos. The boat's drivers get killed and the boat crashes. The kid and boyfriend end up on the island.

Parents hire Dr. Grant to point out dinos for sight seeing tour (but really just a cover to land, with hired mercenaries, and look for kid). New super dino attacks as the plane tries to take off, destroying it.

Group of survivors has to make it to the beach while looking for the kid. People make lots of stupid decisions on the way and all mercenaries die, but all the people that should really die, all end up living.

It did have one cool image, involving mist and a bridge and something landing on the bridge and moving towards the group. The rest of the scene was pretty dumb. But that image was well done.

I was vaguely aware that there was 3 because I saw part of it in TV - I thought it was 2, until I noticed presence of Sam Neil but no Jeff Goldblum

The Exchange

I was always weirded out by the Way Jurassic Park 2-3 never addressed the important issues like:

1. What ate the crew of the ship transporting the T-Rex to San Diego and where did it go?
2. What Aquatic Dinosaur ate the crew of the Speedboat pulling the Para-sail at the beginning of Jurassic Park 3?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Maps Subscriber

Jurassic Park 4. Why?

The Exchange

Mazra wrote:
Jurassic Park 4. Why?

because they can...

So throwing aside the failed premise of the weaponisation of Dinosaur DNA into some corporate super-soldier program which doesn't have Sam Neil and Geff Goldblum, Immediately we have:

1. Aquatic Dinosaurs raiding Ships of their Crews - What people suspect is a rise in Piracy on the high seas becomes Dinosaur Attacks.
2. The background story of the sale of a shaving cream can of Dino DNA on the black market resulting in the sudden availability of Dinosaurs to the highest bidder. Some crime Cartel unleashed Velociraptors in Africa to clear out the indigenous population.

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