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Questions and Opinions on a BBEG Witch


So I am considering a new BBEG for my next Campaign.

A level 20 Human Beast-Bound Witch. I have a few questions/opinions...

1. What should it use as a body? What about its Familiar?

Twin Soul allows whatever body is available. I was thinking a Titan or a Protean. He would only get natural and extraordinary abilities from my understanding... no SU or Spell-like abilities... so something beefy and the extraordinary or natural shape-shifter ability to look normal. Preferably something with SR/Resist/Rejuv. Like I said, the best I have found is a CR21 Titan. Low +20 Will save so it should be easy enough to magic jar. Same question for the Familiar... it can magic jar a new body too... something sneaky or with very good escape abilities would be best. Anyone have a better host?

2. I plan to take Major Hex:Summon Spirit (Sp). What should I get as the Ghost?

Because its soul is tied to its familiar it should be easy enough to give the negative level to the familiar instead. They share a soul after all. Corny I know but this is a BBEG. I was thinking a 18th level Sorcerer. Give him all the utility a Witch lacks.

So what do you think? I think it will make a fine BBEG. Very Hard to kill. They wont be fighting him/her only at 20th. This will be a recurring nemesis (after 10th level lol). Should be incredibly hard to kill until they research/discover how Twin Soul works. If you want a short and sweet answer you can simply put...

1a. Witch Body
1b. Familiar Body
2. Ghost minion.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

At this point the stats don't matter as someone this powerful leads a group that's farflung and mysterious. This is a person that won't even be seen by the players for a long time, just hinted at.

LazarX wrote:
At this point the stats don't matter as someone this powerful leads a group that's farflung and mysterious. This is a person that won't even be seen by the players for a long time, just hinted at.

Well yes the stats dont matter (at least for 10 levels) but I would like to have an Idea on what bodies he will use. I have a pretty good idea about his background/motives/goals/personality/ect.

Im just looking for good host that will make him/her extra scary lol. Strangely enough I cant decide if I want it to be a female or male.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The other thing you could do would be to have the witch use multiple bodies throughout the game.

A weaker, but more subtly useful, one for early confrontations, then others in between as appropriate, leading up to the Titan for the final battle.

It may take the players awhile to realize they've been fighting the same big bad each time.

I like what thejeff said it will be a "really it's been ________ the whole time?!" moment where you sit back and secretly smile. :)

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